Exhibitionist Story – Tales From Queen London Part 2

He pulled out his cock like an obedient servant. My pussy ached for him. Not just because I had everyone watching us with hungry eyes. Not just because his cock was so hard and I was so turned on. No, it was both of those things as well as the fact that it had been a while since I felt a real cock inside me.

Once again, he pushed my dress aside at the slit and rubbed his cock up and down my dripping lips. With his fingers, he spread my juicy pussy apart and slipped his tip inside. I pushed back onto him, making my pussy take every inch of him.

When I felt him I gasped, squeezing him with my muscles. “I said fuck your Queen,” I repeated. “You can do better than this. Give it to me like you know royalty deserves.”

I moaned and groaned in exquisite pleasure as his cock pumped in and out of me. My muscles convulsed as I exploded all over his shaft. He mumbled something, his words coming in grainy as he grit his teeth. “Yes,” I snapped, “cum inside your Majesty.”

I wanted to feel his thick, creamy cum inside me.

“Yes, your Highness,” he panted as he thrust harder and deeper and faster inside of me. “I want to give you all my cum.”

I smiled while he pounded me and the onlookers watched. “Good,” I moaned, “because that cock is mine. Every drop of cum you have belongs to me.”

He stammered an agreement of some sort. I could feel his cock starting to pulse harder and faster. He was about to give me what I wanted, about to give me what was rightfully mine, as well he should.

Obediently he came and it made me cum a second time. I felt his cum fill up my pussy and drip down my legs. Oh, it felt so good. There was just so much cum and he felt so good I had to reward him somehow.

As I stood, he bowed before me. My legs were shaky, however, I stayed on my feet. “Your service to your Queen has not gone unnoticed. I shall grant you a reward.” My voice echoed off the walls and my subjects never took their gaze off of us.

I clapped my hands so that a handmaiden brought me what I wanted on a red velvet cloth. Oh, how happy I was to see my strap on I used for only the most worthy of consorts I’ve had.

“Shoulders back,” I instructed while I put on the harness. He looked up at me and I put the tip of my cock on his right shoulder. “In the name of your Queen London,” I moved it to his left shoulder, “I hereby Knight you,” and I moved it to the top of his head, “as part of my Consort Court. Rise!”

I hope you enjoyed one of my funny sex stories.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be all serious. It can be creative and light-hearted. Sometimes the best sex you have with someone is the sex you giggle during and it makes you feel better on every level. It doesn’t make it any less sexy.

Only one thing has changed: I’ve been promoted from Queen to Goddess. So, if you want to gain admittance to my Consort Court, you know where to find me. I hope you enjoyed my twist of an exhibitionist story.


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