Exhibitionist Story – Tales From Queen London Part 1

This is one of my funny stories, but I can’t take all the credit for this exhibitionist story. You know who you are and we put it together, well, together. I love being fun and letting my hair down. Sometimes the best sex (or phone sex) has some laughter in it. Embrace it as a good connection with the person you’re in the moment with.

Don’t be afraid to let loose and have some fun with it. It feels good to just go with the flow no matter where it might take you.

I sat on my throne so beautifully, as a Queen should. My subjects were standing in my throne room looking and listening to me attentively. My hair and makeup were done well to bring out my natural beauty. I looked so splendid that no one could tear their gaze away. 

There was one man in particular who captured my attention. His jaw was practically on the floor and he had a bulge in his pants, which left a tingling between my legs. It aroused and amused me to see a subject so bewitched by me. But, did he have what it took to be part of my Consort Court?

I couldn’t blame him since I was dressed in a long, flowing dress with a huge slit all the way up to my hip. The top of the dress was strapless and had a very low V.  My tits were practically falling out the top. It was also completely backless so that you could almost see the top of my ass.

My lips slowly curled upward in a smile and I beckoned him forward. He approached my throne and I ordered him to his knees. Obediently he knelt before his Queen.

Oh, he looked so delicious at my feet.

I slid my foot out of my heeled shoe and leaned my head on my hand. He took my food in his hands and slid his tongue up my arch and kissed each one of my soft toes in turn.

Then he kissed up the inside of my leg. Glancing in front of me I saw my subjects looking on in awe. Moving my dress aside he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties, naturally. His tongue felt so good tracing my pussy lips. I let out a soft moan as I met the eyes of a few of my subordinates.

After he got a taste of his Highness’s decadent pussy, I rose and bent over, my crown still atop my head. The entire throne room went absolutely silent. I noticed that the air was so palpable with desire and anticipation you could cut through it with a butter knife.

I motioned for him to pull out his cock. “Fuck your Queen,” I ordered. My subjects gasped and I could hear the jealousy in every single one of their voices.


To Be Continued…

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