Exhibitionist Role Play Phone Sex Gets Me So Wet Part 2

This is the second part of my exhibitionist role play fantasy.

He stood up and excused himself from the table and walked towards the restroom.  I figured he was going to go cry in private like a baby about what I had just said in front of all these strangers. I thought about leaving before he got back but decided against it, which I’m so glad I stayed.   Eventually about 10 minutes later he came out and was a different man…

He came back a changed man

 Immediately started yelling at me calling me a bitch and a slut and told me I needed to be put in my place and he was going to do just that. He grabbed me by the arm and jerked me up. I was so surprised and turned on at the same time that I just went with it.  To tell the truth, I was proud of him! He was a mousy little man before he went into the restroom and returned as a dominating, animalistic, take-charge man. He might have a little cock but he sure has a big mouth and I liked it!  

Fucking in the restaurant

While he was gone to the restroom the waiter had returned and cleared the table except for the bottle of champagne.  The next thing I knew he flung me across the table and jerked up my skirt. I couldn’t believe what was happening!  I like being watched and all but not by 30 or 40 strangers in the middle of a restaurant. This was too much, even for me, but I couldn’t stop it.

He had one hand on the back of my neck holding it down.  On the other hand, he grabbed my panties and pulled them to the side.  I heard his zipper go down and I started laughing immediately. Oh! That pissed him!  He said, “Shut the fuck up bitch, you little slut!” I guess he couldn’t get his little cock in with the panties on because he ripped them off.  He shoved his cock in finally and to my surprise, I could feel it. He wasn’t as small as I thought he was going to be. It felt good and I liked it. 

I didn’t want him to stop

My pussy got so wet so fast. I still couldn’t believe this was happening right here in front of all these strangers. A few people were getting up leaving with their children.  Others were sitting there in shock just watching, stunned that it was happening. To my surprise though not one person said a word as he stood there fucking the shit out of me.  

He grabbed my hair and pulled it back so far, making me arch my back as far as it would go.  He commanded me to say how sorry I was and call him master. Of course, I said it over and over again.  Finally, he said he was going to ask me one more time if we were going back to his place or mine. I immediately told him his place was closed and I couldn’t get there fast enough.  He pulled my skirt down and zipped his pants back up before smacking my ass and heading out the door.

I couldn’t get to his house fast enough

We walked out of the restaurant as nothing had even happened. When we got back to his place as soon as the door shut behind us he flung me over his shoulders like I was a little rag doll and carried me to the bedroom. Gently he laid me on the bed and undressed me. 

He took his clothes off and climbed on top of me. He sat on my chest with his knees on my arms so I couldn’t move, smacking my face with his cock before shoving it in my mouth. After he fucked my face real good he just got up. He wanted me to beg him for more because I didn’t deserve it after my behavior in the restaurant. I begged him like a dog wanting a treat but, he told me to get up and get out.  Was he serious?! I couldn’t believe this guy! I was stunned…what the hell was happening? Finally, I said, “Please Master let me stay.” That’s all it took finally I was a good girl.  

He walked slowly towards me and caressed my hair.

Running his hand down my cheek and over my neck, he finally kissed me.  I have to admit he was by far the best kisser ever I must admit, He laid me on the bed and made the sweetest love to me.  It was slow and gentle, not animalistic like the restaurant. I now firmly believe my friend had lied about his cock. She wanted him all to herself, she was jealous because he had chosen me instead of her.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms. You couldn’t tell where he ended and I began, I fell in love that night and every night since then, I love him more and more.

If you’re lost and need to start from the beginning, read part 1.

We both know this blog got you rock hard. So, if you want to hear this naughty exhibitionist role play fantasy in my voice, check out my audio blog.

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