Exhibitionist Role Play Phone Sex Gets Me So Wet Part 1

I love exhibitionist role play phone sex. It’s one of my favorite things to do because I love being watched.

I am a total exhibitionist who loves role play phone sex with one of my favorite playmates.  I got an email from him and he said he wanted to have a session later that day. that email had me sitting there in anticipation all afternoon, waiting to hear his voice.  When the phone finally rang my heart started racing and the butterflies were back as usual. 

I waited for the third ring like always before I answered.  I like to keep him in suspense because I don’t want him to know how excited I am to hear his super sexy voice again.  We always have such good sex, he knows just what I like.

He makes me feel like a teenager again with a little school girl crush.

He said he couldn’t get me off his mind and he had to call and talk to me. It was clear he had become addicted and I’m his drug of choice. We had dinner plans that evening and he wouldn’t tell me where.  I can only assume the reservations were at one of our favorite restaurants. Let me take a second and explain the type of girl I am and why I drive him crazy.  I usually don’t like fucking on the first date.

You know, those women who go out with men to the movies or to dinner and maybe a little shopping?  At the end of the night when it’s time to go home I do just that…Go home… Alone. No matter how much fun we have,  or how bad I might want to go back to his place I never do. I always think of some lame excuse such as having to get up super early or I’m too tired is why I have to go home.  I never have any intention of giving up sex, head or anything else of a sexual nature. This evening was no different. See, my friend told me about his super small cock that could pass as a clit and I didn’t want to waste my buzz or my time on him any more than I already have. 

He’s delusional if he thinks we’re fucking after this.

The champagne was almost gone and I had a decent buzz. Then, he finally asked, “Are we going back to your place or mine for some good sex?” I told him I wasn’t feeling well and thought it would be best if I take a rain check because I just wanted to go home. He asked when we were ever going to take our relationship to the next level because he was tired of waiting. It wasn’t fair to him.  I just had to go ahead and tell him the real reason we will never get past this point.

If you want to know the truth it’s because my friend told me all about you and the little bitty cock that’s no bigger than a clit you have, that’s why I’m not fucking you. I was hungry and wanted a buzz not to mention we always have such fun. B.

ut this is where it ends, no sex.  He looked like I had just killed his dog or something. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but what can you and your miniature size cock do for me? I would just be wasting my time and not to mention a good buzz.” All of a sudden his face changed.

It went from embarrassment into anger.

To tell you the truth it kind of scared me at first.  I would never in all my wildest dreams imagine what was coming next. 

Come back for part 2 of my exhibitionist role play phone sex story in 2 days… But, if you can’t wait until then check out my audio blog in my own words and see what happens next.

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