Escort experience, Aria gets an offer she can’t refuse part two

His words were like a balm to my soul, and I calmed down. But his proximity alighted something else within me. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. It’s not so bad to have my first escort experience with him. One of his hands came up and cupped the side of my face, while his fingers laced through my hair to the nape of my neck. He pulled me forward, and I followed eagerly.

Then, he pulled back from the kiss and grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet. He tugged on one of the belt ties, pulling it lose and letting the coat fall open. I slid the jacket off and let it fall to the floor, revealing my outfit like unwrapping a present.

I was dressed in all black. Black thigh high stockings, black garter, black lace boy short panties, and a matching black lace bra. Set against my milky white complexion, I looked good enough to eat. If the small drop of my mystery gentleman’s jaw was any indication, he thought so too.

He reached out and grabbed my hips firmly in both hands, pulling me forward and I followed his lead.

I’m sure he just wanted me closer, but I took it one step further and straddled his lap. He leaned back into the chair and I positioned myself so that my pussy was pressed hard into the crotch of his slacks and both my feet were up and locked on his knees.

I leaned forward and flattened my upper body against his, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him hard. His hands went straight to my ass, and gripped my cheeks hard, using his strength to move my hips up and down the length of his groin. I once again followed his lead, and began grinding on my own, hard and fast.

He let out a low sound of approval and it reverberated throughout my body until I could practically feel the juices dripping from my pussy. With a swift movement, he rose to his feet with me in tow. His hands cradled my ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he led the way to the bedroom.

With great care, he eased me down onto the bed and stood back up to look down at the length of my body. With practiced ease, he unbuttoned his shirt and I sat up to help with his slacks. Working together, we managed to remove his clothing entirely. What greeted me face to face, was a rather impressive cock.

Seven and a half inches in length, and thick enough to cause a fresh shot of juices to leak from me.

I leaned down and gave the glistening head a long, rough lick. The man pushed me back on the bed and pulled my panties clean off of me. He parted my bent knees, and bent down to give the whole length of my slit a long rough lick.

By then I was panting. I had no idea this escort experience was going to be so erotic! The man crawled on top of me, and without any warning, plunged himself deep inside of me. My knees came up and my legs wrapped around his hips. I crossed my ankles at his ass and I squeezed, pulling him even deeper inside of me.

He maneuvered his arms so that the back of my knees were hooked to the crook of his elbows, and that’s when he started moving. First it was slow, deliberate. Moving his hips in and out of me at a measured pace, and changing angles to hit different parts of me. He devoured my mouth as he did this, his tongue plunging just as deep into my mouth as his cock was in my pussy.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him work at his own pace.

I had no idea what he was doing until one of his shifts in angle made me gasp in surprise and pleasure. He had been hunting for my g-spot! So then he pulled back and gave me a sinister smile before he began his assault.

He began rocking his hips back and forth into me, hitting me in the exact same spot again and again. He was building speed, and adding quite a bit of power into the movements as well. I was powerless to this man who had found my most sensitive spot. I was mewling and moaning, begging him for more, begging him to stop. Like I couldn’t make up my mind. With each powerful thrust hitting my g-spot I was being driven mad.

My brain had short circuited not even a minute into his assault, but the filthy words flew from my mouth on autopilot. My nails dug into his back, but that only made him go faster. He was urging me on, encouraging me. His growling voice commanding me to cum on his cock. My whole body was trembling beneath him, my legs shaking visibly as an orgasm more intense than I had ever had was ripped from me violently.

I came on his cock and screamed as I began squirting all over him.

He didn’t even blink an eye, he kept fucking me as I came. Faster and harder than before, and his continued assault on my g-spot extended my orgasm. It just would not stop. I was cumming harder than I ever had before, I was screaming so loud I was sure that everyone could hear me. His entire groin and stomach, and parts of his chest were coated in cum as I couldn’t stop squirting.

I looked up into the man’s face, and saw nothing but pure triumph and pleasure. His face was the last thing I saw before everything went black. I know I didn’t pass out, because when everything came back to me, I was still being fucked in the same position. I was still cumming, and I was still moaning loud enough to wake the dead.

The man finally pulled out and flipped me over onto my stomach so fast, I didn’t know what was going on at first. I was still lost in my orgasm, but finally it was subsiding in its strength now that he was no longer repeatedly pressing my orgasm button.

With his cock covered in my cum, he left me prone on the bed and spread my ass cheeks open and forced every inch into my unprepared rosebud. I cried out with a mixture of pain, surprise, and pleasure. But he didn’t start thrusting. He stayed balls deep in my ass and I felt his piping hot seed fill me.

Finally he collapsed on top of me, his cock still buried in my throbbing ass.

Our bodies both covered in a sheen of sweat. But I was happy. In a singular escort experience, I had both the best orgasm of my life and paid off my tuition for the semester. Maybe being an escort isn’t half bad…

Hope you loved part two of my escort experience blog! If you missed part one of the blog, click here! If you want to experience having me as an escort all for yourself, check out my audio!




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