Erotic Werewolf – Irresistible Teen Seductress Part 2

Continue my erotic werewolf fantasy with me in the forest.

I still say nothing as I rip off my sweater and toss it aside. Then, I hurriedly yank my jeans off my smooth, silky legs. You see that my pussy is completely shaven and my pink lips glisten with wetness.

There is no foreplay when I drop to my knees. My hand immediately tears at your pants and pulls out your cock. You hadn’t noticed how hard it is until you feel my fingers wrap around it.

With my eyes still locked onto yours, I line up the head of your throbbing cock with my now dripping teen pussy. When I sink my hips down to meet yours, my head tilts back and I groan. Well, it’s almost a groan, but it’s more animalistic.

As I ride you, my tits grow and pop out of my tank top. They engorge so much that they rip my shirt and it falls onto your chest. You watch as my face contorts and my jaw stretches. My ears move up the sides of my head and my teeth extend, becoming fangs.

I’m turning into a feral werewolf right on top of you!

Your eyes widen as I lean into you. My mouth opens, revealing me sharp fangs. As hair spreads all over my face and elongated snout, I bury my muzzle into the hollow of your neck and you feel a sharp, quick pain as my teeth sink into your skin.

My pussy clenches as I taste you on my tongue. Your cry is a mix of pleasure and pain. As you let the feeling wash over you, your eyes drift to the full moon just to the left of my head. It’s so big and you want to fall into it.

You don’t understand why your head is spinning or why your body feels…wrong. Every bone in your body burns cold and it seems as though the volume on your senses has been turned up to max. Everything you feel is much more intense

Suddenly, you feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter. When you look down, you see that it’s your cock that is growing and stretching me out. You’ve never needed a pussy this badly before.

My hands that grip your shoulders lengthen and turn into claws that dig into you every time your cock slides deep inside me. At the same time, you feel your ears itch and your teeth ache. Your groans turn into more feral growls that match mine.

You find yourself surrendering to this change fully and completely.

Together we howl at the full moon and you flip me onto me back. You thrust your cock hard and deep into me. Looking down you notice it’s almost doubled in size. Your blood pumps through you faster. You can feel your heartbeat in your head as you fuck me, the transformation now happening to you.

From my furry ass, my tail starts to grow. It curls just a little bit at the end and you grab it. But, your hands aren’t hands anymore. They’re twisted claws covered in fur of your own. Then, you feel a tug at the base of your spine and you know your tail is soon to follow.

I back my ass onto you and you can smell my orgasm close at hand. That spurs you to fuck me faster, harder. We howl together as we cum. It feels like the ground trembles at the intensity of our primal climaxes.

But, that doesn’t stop you. If anything, it adds fuel to the fire and makes us want…no, need…more.

Growling, howling, snarling, fucking, biting, scratching, and moaning we both collapse onto the grass completely spent, however, the night isn’t over yet…..


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