Erotic Werewolf – Irresistible Teen Seductress Part 1

This is another one of my erotic werewolf transformation stories. You know who you are. This one’s for you.

You’re jogging home from Grandma’s house dressed in a red jogger suit. While panting and feeling tired you watch the sun setting behind the trees to the west. Daylight is fading and you are eager to get back home. 

As you hunch over with your hands on your knees you find yourself admiring the scenery. That is when you see me. I’m a girl in a pair of jeans and a white tank top with my plaid sweater tied around my waist. I’m casually leaning up against a tree and I look sexy as hell. There is no way I could be older than a teenager so you wonder why I’m out mee in the middle of nowhere all alone. 

But the curiosity passes.

As you take a deep breath, my scent wafts toward you on the breeze. Maybe it’s the euphoria of the run mixed with the alluring smell of such a beautiful young girl. You can’t tell, but you’re drawn to me almost entranced. My scent is intoxicating and acts as an aphrodisiac. All rational thought leaves your mind.

I seductively beckon you forward and you can’t resist my sexy body and enticing smell. You slowly move closer to the treeline and, as you approach me, your pace slows, until you stop right in front of me. I smile and gently take you by the hand, leading you deeper into the forest. It’s impossible for you not to follow me and let me take you. At that moment, you have no will of your own.

After walking for several minutes the two of us come to a clearing by a small pond. The trees surround it almost in a perfect circle and you can see the clear sky without obstruction. I continue to say nothing while we stand there together. It’s almost as though I’m waiting for something. You stand there by my side waiting patiently because you have no control of yourself.

So, you remain there like a good boy.

Above us, the sky fully turns to night and the light of the full moon is bright. I almost glow in the clearing as the beams shine down on both of us.

Then, suddenly, without warning, I push you roughly to the ground and you notice I’m much stronger than I look but you find that strangely sexy. Looking above me you see the dark sky and the glimmer of stars twinkling overhead.

The hunger in my eyes draws a ragged groan from deep in your chest. As you stare into these beautiful grey-blues of mine, they start to change color. You also notice that my eyes are emitting a soft glow in the moonlight and you find that you’re losing yourself within them.


To Be Continued…


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