Even hot girls like me have sneaky late-night erotic stories to tell! Stick around, keep reading and maybe you’ll like what you see! I love telling you naughty things that have actually happened in my real life! So here’s to another tasty treat! 

Late last night, I was laying in my bed, looking at my ceiling daydreaming about my new boyfriend! We met over the weekend and he’s literally all I can think about. He’s so dreamy. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone I liked as much as him!

I am totally obsessed with him! I spend so many hours a day just thinking about him and all of the things I want him to do for me. He’s so tall, dark, and handsome. I’ve never seen anyone like him before. Hell, I still think about this erotic story all the time! 

It’s totally normal to dream up erotic stories about your new boyfriend, isn’t it?

 I was just starting to Imagine him walking into my room, and crawling into bed with me… When I heard the faint creak of my door as it slowly opened… I bet you can imagine how freaked out I was! I mean, haven’t you ever seen those ghost stories on the tv before?

Omg! I was so scared there was someone in my bedroom… My heart was racing so fast, I was totally freaking out! I had no idea who had snuck into my bedroom this late at night!

So, I lay there, pretending that I was asleep when I felt my bed sink down beside me. It was so scary feeling the weight displacement as they sat down. Someone was crawling into bed with me… 

Now, I was totally terrified.. who was it? And what would they be doing crawling into my bed in the middle of the night… Did anyone know they were here? Was I still alone in the house? You see, my roommate was staying at her boyfriend’s house and the doorman tends to fall asleep at his desk, not knowing what’s really going on in the building. 

When I say my heart was racing during this Erotic Story, it’s an understatement… It was practically jumping out of my chest in this story.

So, I totally just laid there perfectly still. When I felt a hand slowly reach out, and caress me. Gently feeling up my side, over my nightgown. Thank goodness I had worn it to bed! I couldn’t even imagine if I was sleeping naked like I usually do!

 I started trembling with fear as the hand slowly worked its way up, to my budding teenage breasts, cupping them, and slowly massaging them. The way they were touching me was so caring and passionate. It was really terrifying that someone put this much thought into the situation.

That’s when I heard it… Someone whispering in my ear… It’s OK baby… I’m here now.

That was the scariest thing to hear in my darkroom late at night! I had no clue who it was! I was FREAKING OUT!!


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