Erotic Priestess – A Hot Beltane Impregnation Fantasy Part 2

The erotic priestess fantasy continues with me on top of my chosen mate for Beltane. The idea is to unite together in the way God and Goddess do every year so that God is reborn after his death during winter. This is a simple explanation without getting too detailed.

Anyway, my lips are pressed against his, my tits are up against his chest, and I can feel his hard cock pulsing against my lower belly. Our eyes are closed as we let the energy pass between us. As he throbs against me, my pussy tingles and my juices start to coat my thighs.

The rest of our coven starts touching each other and the chanting has stopped. I whisper a short, soft, sweet prayer in his ear. My breath smells sweet and it mixes very nicely with the scent of the fresh flowers of my crown. My voice is low and he can feel the vibrations of my pleasure that I feel throughout my entire body. This is a union of the body and an expression of sexual desire.

My pussy is dripping.

I reach down between my legs and grab his cock at the base. He’s raging hard and he reflexively thrusts his hips up trying to get inside my waiting and wanting opening.

My hand slowly moves his cock back and forth so his head teases my pussy just a little bit. It only takes a second for the tip of his cock to get soaked with my juices. He groans and tries to thrust his hips upward again, but this time I’m ready. I move my pussy away and smile down at him.

The title of High Priestess belongs to me, therefore, I will decide when to copulate and when he is to plant his seed in my fertile womb. Now that he’s been reminded of his place, I set my tight pussy down on him.

He lets out a loud moan while the people around us give us their sexual energy. Orgasms are had by all, but the night is still young.

My hips move up and down his shaft while my body shudders with pleasure.

I moan and groan as I begin to pick up speed. The sexual energy surrounding us is palpable as they start to share each other. An orgy breaks out around us. It’s hard to tell where one body ends and begins because limbs are intertwined in a tangle of thrusting and bouncing motions.

Our bodies become one while I ride him. I’m so close to my climax and I feel he isn’t far behind. So, I slip myself off him and lie back on the altar. He climbs on top of me and I pull my knees to my chest. Using his hands, he lifts up my ass.

He pushes himself deep inside of me. I can feel myself losing it. But, I grit my teeth and hold out for him. For this to yield the best results, we must cum together so that my orgasm can pull his sperm deep into my uterus.

The head of his cock gets harder and I can feel his balls start to tighten while he continues to move in and out of me. The sound of thighs slapping together gets louder as I feel his cock pulse harder than ever.

It’s time for him to cum.

I tell him so and it doesn’t take him long to comply. As he starts filling me up, I let go and allow myself the release I crave so much. His cum enters me while the walls of my pussy pull it up, helping his thick load travel deeper into me.

We both lay there panting with his cock still inside of me. He doesn’t pull it out. We let it sit there while he grows soft to keep his seed inside of me as long as possible.

When he’s ready to go again, his cock will harden inside my pussy. He will cum inside me as many times as he can this night to ensure he impregnates me.


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