Erotic Fantasy Through The Eyes Of A Submissive Part 2

I hear the snip, snip of scissors. Hands pull the waistband of my panties away from my body. Then cool air teases my exposed pussy with wispy kisses. The same thing happens with my bra. My nipples turn to pebbles as the air caresses them. I’m completely naked; my body totally exposed to my captor and any naughty desire they may have.

But this is what I secretly want, what my body needs, craves, and aches for. Now I feel something pressed gently against my shaved, smooth pussy. Slowly a dildo spreads my lips and glides into me. It feels so good as it pushes my walls and fills me up. The pumping begins. Instinctively, my lower back arches as my tight hole takes a slow yet hard pounding.

My muffled moans make my captor pick up the pace and fuck me harder. The sound of my growing excitement bounces off the walls and floor.

I know I’m about to climax, my body being pushed over the edge. No, not pushed, more like thrown off a cliff and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. With the fuck I’m getting, how could I not? But no, my captor will have none of that, not yet.

As I’m about to cum all over the dildo my captor smacks me hard with what feels like a riding crop. Right on my tits. Right on one of my hard nipples. The sting suppresses my orgasm, but just barely. My head is swimming and if I weren’t bound I’d fall to the floor gasping for air.

The captor removes the dildo that is now soaking wet from my lust.

My pussy feels completely saturated with my aching desire to cum. Replacing the dildo is a small vibrator. A bullet, most likely. The bullet is on high so it pulses rapidly against my clit.

As quickly as it started, it stops. But I can still hear its’ promising, excited hum. A few agonizing seconds later it returns to my clit. This cycle repeats several times before my permission is granted.

My captor growls, “Cum, cum hard. NOW, my submissive little bitch!” My racing heart is pounding in my head so my captor’s voice sounds muffled. It’s almost as if I’m underwater.

No sooner were the words spoken than I explode. My entire body shaking with the force of my sweet release. As my cum falls the bullet is replaced with a mouth. A tongue licks at my pussy; eating all of my cum. It’s too much for my body to handle. So much pleasure. So much pain. This is my erotic fantasy coming true.

It’s the best orgasm of my life. And I slip into the deepest subspace I’ve ever been in.

I never did find out who bound, gagged, and controlled me. That’s part of the fun though, isn’t it? At least, I think so.

This is my world and it’s so unbelievably satisfying. So cum and play with me. Take control of me. Make me your dirty submissive little slut. You won’t regret it. I promise to be a good obedient girl for you.


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