Erotic FanFiction – Harley Quinn JOI – Part 2

Erotic fanfiction is one of the best kinds of erotica. Let’s keep going with our naughty tale, shall we?

He stared at her, transfixed. Despite himself, he could feel his balls getting tighter, fuller. The captive wanted to cum because she was so tantalizing and stroking himself felt so good.

That’s when Harley decided to turn it up a notch. She slowly lowered her shorts down below her ass. Then, she put her hands on her knees and bent over so he could get just a peek at her glistening pink pussy.

The pace of his breathing picked up as he stroked himself faster. “That’s it, sugar. Grip that cock. Stroke it just like that. Massage those balls, too. Really work it. You know you want to cum for me.”

“Please?” He begged because he was that desperate and close.

Harley put her finger up to her lips and looked as if she were considering it. He pleaded again and she only continued to think about it. Harley was such a tease because she knew she could get away with it.

“I’m so close!” He panted furiously.

“Yes,” she purred, “I can see that. Obviously, you’re not close enough because you can beg oh so much better than that. Keep stroking yourself and if you do a good enough job, I might be nice enough to let you.”

“I want to cum,” he breathed.

Harley bent over again and that time she spread her pussy lips and backed up so he could smell her. She smelled so sweet and she looked so tight. He was about to explode. “No, no. You’re a good sport and I’m not done playing yet.”

“Please.” He sounded so desperate and on the edge. “I want to cum so bad. Please, let me cum. I’ll do anything you ask.”

At first, she pouted her beautiful lips because she was really enjoying herself, enjoying being the tease she was. Now, she really was considering letting him finish.

“No. Stroke a little slower. I want to keep you on the edge, but I’m not ready to push you over it yet.” She stuck out her tongue and her eyes shone with sinister delight. He was so close and yet he was an obedient plaything. Perhaps he did deserve a reward.

“Hmmm……I suppose you can cum. But, you have to wait until I give you the signal.”

“What signal?”

She said nothing. Instead, she got to her knees, opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. She pointed to her mouth and lifted the corners of her lips. That must be the signal that she’d meant. For his sake, he hoped that it was. It was time for this story to end and they both knew it.

He aimed the head of his cock at her mouth, unleashing the biggest nut he’d had in a very long time. Despite his situation, he couldn’t help himself. She was just so fucking sexy. He emptied his balls all over her face and into her pretty mouth. This seductress milked his cock for every drop of cum he had.

I hope you liked my erotic fanfiction fantasy!


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