Erotic FanFiction – Harley Quinn JOI – Part 1

Erotic fanfiction is one of the best kinds of erotica. Everyone knows I’m a crazy bitch and that’s why I love Harley Quinn so much. Here’s a sexy fantasy I came up with involving Harley being her kooky, kinky self.

Harley Quinn and The Joker walked into the abandoned warehouse they were held up in. A banker from the bank they’d just robbed only a few hours ago sat tied to a chair. He was dressed in a nice suit, albeit a little dirty. The rope held his ankles to the legs of the chair and was wrapped around his chest and upper arms, leaving his forearms and hands-free.

Harley looked over at the captive and smiled, winking, a soft devilish twinkle in her eye. She turned her gaze to The Joker, pouting her red lips at him. “Why don’t you go. I wanna play.”

He nodded passively and strode off.

Now it was just Harley and her captive and she looked very pleased with herself indeed. She waltzed over to him with her pigtails bobbing as she went. Her lips curled upward as her toy started to sputter incoherently. It was time to bring her story to life.

She leaned down so her face was level with his. “We’re gonna play a game, okay?”

He nodded furiously.

All he wanted was to go home and get away from this freak show.

“Undo that zipper of yours.” She said, turning around and shaking her delicious ass in his face because she knew it would drive him nuts. He hesitated but did as he was told like a good boy. “Now, be a good player and jerk your cock for me.”

The captive stared at her with a dumbfounded look on his face because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Partially because she was hot and partly because he was tied down like a helpless victim. There was little choice but to obey her whims because she was clearly in control here. It was like something out of a freaky erotica novel.

As he started stroking slowly she shook her head playfully. “No, you gotta go faster than that. And you can’t cum until I tell you or you lose and I’ll have to punish you.”

He did as instructed as Harley swayed her hips teasingly.

Her captive couldn’t help himself. Despite his position, she still had curves in all the right places. She took her finger, slid it over the top of his head, scooped up some precum, stuck out her tongue, and licked it off her fingertip. She did it slowly, enticingly. He continued to jerk off his cock eagerly.

“C’ mon puddin’. Show me what you’ve got. You have to do much better than that.” Harley said in a singsong voice, taunting him. “Grip your cock tighter and move your hand faster.”

Harley lifted up her shirt, revealing her firm, perky tits. “Look at these if it helps, baby.”

Then, she reached into her shorts and played with herself for about 30 seconds because she was such a tease. She slid her hand out and smeared her pussy juices on his lips. “I want your legs shaking. Grab your balls with your other hand. We’re gonna milk all that cum right out of you.”


To Be Continued…


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