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Encounter With My Stalker – Part 2


My stalker and I matched after I blocked Josh. He not so subtly joked about us having sex, which I rejected and offered to watch him masturbate. He declined, but he did ask if I wanted to meet up in person. I said yes. I was secretly happy he wanted to meet in person for the first time. 


So, the day of the meet-up arrived. It was the day after the 4th of July. The weather was hot and humid in Texas. I was hot and sweaty. Sweat formed underneath my breasts. We met up in a hotel he had paid for. Of course, I was nervous but excited. I knocked on the door 3 times. I heard a click, and then the door opened. There he was, on the shorter side and handsome. He smirked. I couldn’t meet his gaze, so my eyes decided to glue to the floor. 

He extended his arms out and wrapped them around my torso.


My breasts pressed against his chest. He was so warm, and he smelled pleasant. I melted in my stalker’s arms. All negative thoughts and opinions I had of him disappeared at that moment. Hurriedly, he led us to the bed. My shirt and leggings were the first items to go. I felt him tracing kisses from my breasts to my inner thighs. I let out a few soft moans. That seemed to encourage him further. 


Next, he unhooked my bra and tugged my panties off. He was still fully clothed, but I was exposed. “Are you going to get undressed too?” I asked. He shook his head, no, so I left it at that. I lay there on my back with my legs spread wide open. He slid a finger inside my tight wet hole, then inserted a second finger. He watched me writhe around in pleasure for a moment. He then placed his tongue on my swollen clit and flicked it a few times. 

I grabbed the back of his head and pressed him further into me.


There he was, my stalker, between my legs finger fucking my pussy and pleasuring me with his tongue. I didn’t regret my choice to meet him in person. Suddenly, I could feel something welling up inside of me. I was about to cum, so I thrust my hips into his face. Then, I orgasmed intensely. I fell back and quickly drifted into a nap. He stayed by my side and fell asleep as well. 


I woke up about an hour later. My stalker was still asleep. I decided to be mischievous and grabbed his phone from the nightstand. Surprisingly, it didn’t have a password or any sort of facial recognition on it. Quickly, I opened it and opened his camera roll. My mouth fell open in shock. There were over a hundred pictures of me that I’d never seen before. Some were while I worked at home, and others were out in public. Hurriedly, I got dressed and tried to leave, but he heard me when the door clicked open.


There’s going to be a part 3 and 4 for this blog! It’s my first time making a blog with 4 parts. They’ll go live in a few weeks~


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