I grinned all day looking around at the other Elves as I worked knowing tonight I’d end up in the barn . It had been such a long day in Santa’s workshop already that everyone cheered when it was time for a break. Going to the break room and smelling the hot cocoa and sweet cookies I hear the other Elves sigh around me. Myself I loved sweets but lately I’d been craving another treat.

A forbidden treat. As I reached for a cookie I heard the back door open. Turning around I see Randy. The man that would bring the delivery for the shop and bakery. Standing at 5’9 only some would consider him tall that was of his kind. For me though at a towering four feet he seemed like a god. His dark brown hair was messy as always as he shook the snow out of it. I catch my breath taking in the muscles under his flannel as he removes his coat. I had a plan and today I was going to put it into action. 

Knowing he would be here for a little longer I rush over to my friends. I had already got their agreement. A friendly bit of female elf mischief couldn’t hurt right? 

“He’s here! Did you girls wear the outfits we discussed today?” Immediate excited chatter rose up from my three friends as we quickly left the break room getting ready to have some fun.

Knowing the barn with the reindeer would be empty this time of evening we rushed over in the dark to set up. He would be there in just a few minutes so we had to hurry. 

“Did you bring the Ribbon Sammi?” I shrugged out of my coat asking.

“I left it there when we came up with this plan now hurry up I’m already getting wet thinking of playing with him a HUMAN!” As we quickly took our dresses off revealing our outfits Angel and Lily rushed to get blankets that were stashed for the hard cold ground. Today, however we planned to have ourselves a man. There was plenty of him to share between four of Santa’s Elves. 

Just anticipating I could feel myself getting wet also. 

That’s when I heard it the door was opening. Lily started to giggle her red hair falling in her face as she struggled to hide it. We needed him to be in the middle of the room if we were going to be quick enough. As Randy walked into the room I looked around and nodded at my friends.

That’s when craziness exploded. Before Randy knew what was happening or could react me and Sammi worked on getting his shirt and pants off me coming up behind and pulling his shirt open ripping it down as she got his pants around his ankles. As soon as he was naked in a seconds time then Lily and Angel took the ribbon and tied his hands behind his back and his legs together. Us elves are a lot stronger than we looked at our short stature. This was it giggles erupting and blushes and sighs of anticipation as we look at our first non elf cock. We couldn’t wait to get our hands, mouths, and pussies on it!

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of me and my friends playing . Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear if we get to have our fun. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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