The barn echoed in mine and my other friends also Santa’s Elves giggles and excited chatter at the sight of our first naked man. 

“Hey what are you Elves doing! Stop you can’t do this, hey take your hands off me.” Randy tried to struggle against the ribbons but we made sure to get the strong hold when we came up with this plan. 

Coming to the front of Randy I go close to him and kissed eye level right at the top of his stomach.

“You are saying stop but you are all hard for us. Stop struggling silly and look at us.” Giggling we all come to the front of our naked and tied captor. His eyes getting huge as he took in the sheer white nighties with red bows we were in. Nothing left to the imagination.

“Hey come on I’ll get fired girls please just let me go.”

Lily walked over and pushed him down onto the blankets we’d laid down and kissed his thigh as Angel leaned over and grabbed his throbbing huge human cock her small hand making him look almost impossible to take in our pussies. 

Randy moaned as Sammi grabbed his balls at the same time Angel took him into her mouth as much as she could. 

“Do you really want us to stop?” I asked as I stood right over his face with my wet pussy right over him. At this he groaned as the three of them took turns licking and playing with his hard cock and balls. At his groan of giving into it I Kneel over him putting my wet pussy right over his mouth and feel his huge tongue filling my pussy. 

“Randy, we all want you.” I moaned out right before cumming his tongue flicking over my clit again and again.

“Yes,” that’s all he had to say before they got off him and giggled sitting around him as we planned. Getting off him that way I move and straddle him.

“Are you girls going to untie me?” 

“Oh no we want you just like this” I giggle as I grab him and slowly rub him against my soaked pussy. At his groan I couldn’t wait anymore he was so huge in my hand everything in me tightened. Moving us into position I slide him into me inch by inch. Oh he filled me so good. No elf had ever made me feel like this. Lily got on his face as the other two watched and waited their turns. Riding him sliding up and down on him I reach forward and kiss Lily as I start to cum already again. Screaming I go faster shattering on him making him bury the last inch of himself in me.

“It’s my turn River it’s my turn!” Sammi said as she came up behind me reaching between us and feeling him again excited she’d get to ride him next. Randy groaned at this but smiled.

“You girls are so worth getting fired over. Don’t worry if you untie me you can all have a turn. 

Giggling I lean down and pull the knot releasing his hands and slide off him my legs shaky.

“Give me a little bit and you can even have another go River.”

Oh sex with Elves sadly would never be fulfilling again after tonight. 

I really hope you enjoyed part 2of me and my friends playing . Make sure to come back next Wednesday for a new story. If you want to hear more juicy details in this one  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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