We collapse into each other, both shaking

As our breathing slows, we start kissing again and I feel your hands stroking my ass. You tell me to turn over, face down and to spread my legs. I know what you are going to do and I feel myself get wet as I slowly open my pussy, but I know it is not my pussy that you are going to explore. As I raise my ass, I feel your tongue again with a delicate shock that shoots straight to my clit and I moan as you lick my asshole. Hardly stopping, you reach for the vibrator and place it in my right hand. I turn it up hard and plunge it straight into my pussy to make it wet and slide it onto my clit, pressing it into me, the vibrations are so intense and your tongue so sensitive on my ass that I feel myself tighten and start to come. Suddenly the warmth of your tongue retreats and I feel the shock of cool glass pushing into me and I tighten again for a second and then relax as you slide the pink glass plug in slowly, all the way. I feel you sit back and I know that you are stroking your cock as the fingers of your other hand move inside the soft new tightness of my pussy created by the toy in my ass.

I push the vibrator up into my clit and I know that I’m going to come

You feel it too and I feel the ass toy going further into me as your thumbs brace against it. I know you are preparing my ass for your cock and I come savagely and fall onto the bed, my whole pussy throbbing and my ass contracting on the pink glass toy as you slowly withdraw it. I feel the warm weight of your body covering me, your hands moving up to hold my breasts and your cock so hard against my thigh.

You wait for the shocks to subside and then I feel you reach away and I know that you are getting the oil. Kissing my neck, you tell me softly to get up onto my knees and as I do so, you pour the oil into your hands and start to oil my ass and my pussy. You can feel how open and ready I am and you move up on to your knees behind me and, as you move your hand away from my pussy, I replace it with my own, my fingers tracing gently over my hot, sensitive flesh.

I feel you oiling your cock behind me

Your knuckles are softly grazing my ass as your thumb moves into my asshole. Then I gasp as I feel the head of your cock. Slowly, you push inside me and you pause as I relax for you and then, as you feel my ass push towards you in readiness, gently, insistently you push further and further until your cock is all the way in my ass.

I gasp as I feel you stretching me and I start moving beneath you, pushing myself back onto you and telling you to fuck me hard. You start to move faster and faster, really pounding my ass and I am screaming with pleasure. You move your oiled fingers up onto my clit and start caressing me. It does not take long for my orgasm to build and as I start to come, you do too. My ass is gripping your cock in waves as you shoot all that hot cum inside me as you slowly collapse onto me wrapping me into you and kissing the back of my neck.

You withdraw slowly and move away from me, standing up as you prepare to leave. As I lie there stretched luxuriously on my cool white sheets, I listen to you shower and then dress, my ass and my pussy still hot and aching with enjoyment.

I don’t hear you leave, I have already drifted into a delicious sleep.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of “Elizabeth’s Boss Takes Her Ass”!

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

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Love, Elizabeth


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