Elizabeth and The Boss – Part 2

Now I was naked except for my hold-up stockings and high heels. I wrapped myself around my boss and he lifted me with ease, his hands under my ass as I clung to him. We kissed each other ravenously.

Sweeping his papers onto the floor, he laid me on his desk and gazed at my juicy wet open pussy as he unbuttoned his pants.

“Turn over, I want to fuck you from behind.”

Obediently, I turned over, lifting my ass and spreading my legs wide as I stretched my arms over the desk. I was shocked to suddenly feel his tongue lick delicately at my asshole and then plunge into my pussy. I moaned as I moved my thighs even further apart.

Suddenly, I felt him covering me and his hand coming over my mouth to stifle my cries of pleasure. He rammed his cock into me and fucked me hard over the desk.

His cock felt amazing

“Please, please keep fucking me . . . “, I begged.

He laughed and said:

“I don’t know if you deserve it.”

But he didn’t stop and slowly, deeply, he fucked me harder and harder. I felt my orgasm mounting as I gripped his cock with my pussy and clung to the desk, trying not to scream with pleasure.

Suddenly he withdrew as he lifted me up with him.

“Come over here.” he said to me. I tried to slip out of my stilettos, but he said, “No, keep them on.”

My boss sat down in the deep leather chair at his desk and drew me to him, pulling me into his lap as I wrapped my arms tightly around him. I draped my long legs in their sheer stockings and stilettos over the arms of the chair, as I sank my pussy onto that big dick and started to ride him. Slowly and deeply . . . kissing him passionately and burying my face in his neck to stop myself crying out with pleasure.

I felt like I was making up for all my misdemeanours

I could feel that he was going to come and this turned me on so much that I felt myself start to come too. As I felt my boss explode inside me, with all that hot cum shooting into me, I came hard in deep waves, gripping his cock as if I never wanted to let it go.

Holding each other tightly, we kept kissing as our deliciously sweaty bodies slowly disengaged. He was still quite hard and I could feel that he wanted more of me. I certainly wanted more of him.

So I slid down his body, kissing and tasting his hot, salty skin until I was down on my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked off every last drop of cum as I looked up at him and he wiped all the long strands of hair from my face.

Smiling at me, he said:

“Don’t go back to work. I am terrified about what you will do next. Go home, I’m coming to visit you later.”

I left the office as demurely as I could with my sweaty hair and flushed face as I walked past my highly curious colleagues.

Swaying out into the London sunshine, slightly unsteady on my high heels, I felt the deep pleasure of having been thoroughly well fucked. Perhaps I could learn to be a good secretary, but I didn’t think so.

As I drifted along, my phone beeped suddenly with a text. “I will be with you at 6. This time, I am going to have that beautiful ass.” My duties had suddenly become very clear.

I couldn’t wait.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of “Elizabeth and The Boss”!

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Love, Elizabeth


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