Edging, Sub/Switch Takes Control – Part Two

Even though I’m not moving on his cock in any way I’m still edging him closer to the brink as he feels my pussy pulsate around him. I have no control over her clench and release as the orgasm crashes through me. As soon as I feel how much harder it makes his cock though, I continue squeezing myself around him, purposefully. It causes his hips to jump, shoving his cock further into me, and in turn, I wrap myself more firmly around him.

My pussy holds his shaft inside me and my thighs form an unfaltering bond to his hips. I plan on using his cock to fulfill my every desire. Working my tight little opening gradually up and down his sublime erection until I feel myself begin to leak, profusely. My juices manage to make their way out even with how snug my pussy fits over his cock. As the head of his dick throbs inside me, I position myself just right so the throbbing triggers another wave of orgasm to rush through my body. 

This time I cum hard and as my pussy spasms I can’t help but cry out his name. 

His cock feels so good inside of me and I’m already so swollen from the multiple orgasms that any little movement sends a shock wave through every nerve ending in my body. My legs are already weak and I’m ready to collapse onto him, but I can’t yet. I’m not done using his body or teasing him.

Make sure he knows that he’s here for my pleasure alone as I keep edging him closer and closer to the brink of orgasm but not allowing him to step off that ledge yet. Slowly starting to ride his cock he grabs my hips and tries to start pumping up into me faster so I sit down and start making circles with my hips

“I didn’t tell you to fuck me yet did I?” I ask him with a hint of sarcasm. “Now you get to make me cum again before you get to.”

Hearing his groan and him begging me to allow him to cum makes my pussy leak even more. I can feel how hard his cock is, his balls tightened up into my ass ready to release their load. Spinning my hips to feel his cock massage every spot deep inside my body I twist fast until the cries of pleasure are escaping my mouth once again. Sitting there like such a good boy allowing me to use his cock for my own pleasure I decide he has finally earned his orgasm.

I start raising and lowering my tight cunt up and down the slickness of his firm rod. Pushing myself down to feel him as deep as possible and then raising back up so the head pops out has him growling and begging me to let him fuck me.

“If you want it that bad why don’t you take it?” I grin down at him.

Feeling the rumble in his stomach from the growl he grabs me by hips and has me flipped over on my hands and knees. He moves me so quickly I barely have time to adjust before he’s holding me by hips fucking me hard and fast. I feel his cock throbbing as he slams into me and I know I may have pushed him a little too far when he grabs me by my hair for leverage to ram as deep inside me as possible.

“Now it’s your turn to take my cum like my good little slut!” He moans out before I hear his grunt and feel the hot streams of cum spurting into me.

“Oh god, yes Sir! Please fill me!” I scream loudly as his cock pulsating inside me takes me over the edge once again.

Together we fall to the bed in pure ecstasy. Breathing heavily and bodies still tangled he grabs me by my hair again and pulls my head back to whisper in my ear what a good little slut I am before loosening his grip and wrapping his arms around me to curl into my back.

“I don’t think I’ve ever growled like that before.” He says laughing. “You had me so ready to just take it. It was so hard to not take control…… but so worth it.”

He smiles down at me and kisses my forehead before we curl up and doze off in each other’s arms. 

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