Edging, Sub/Switch Takes Control – Part One

As his warm load fills my throat I swallow it all down to continue edging him. Licking and sucking every last bit of his cum off and out of him. Feeling as his cock shrinks in my mouth and then slowly starts to re-grow again.  I slide up and down, stroking him with my mouth until he’s hard enough for me to wrap my hand around him again.

Stroking his cock I start licking and sucking his balls again and make sure he notices that my other hand has slid between my legs. One hand gliding up and down the length of him and the other rubbing my clit makes me moan with his balls in my mouth. Making sure he can feel the vibration in my throat. 

Teasing his cock with my tongue to get it nice and wet before I climb on top of him.

Lowering myself slowly over him, I rub the head of his penis over my wetness. As he stiffens underneath me begging for me to fuck him I slide up and down over the tip of his cock continuing to tease him. Popping him in and out of my tight hole just enough to stroke that spot inside me with his firm mushroom head. 

Massaging my g-spot enough to initiate the first orgasm in me, but only enough for him to continue begging me to slide my pussy down further and fuck him. Refusing to fulfill his desire I barely twist my hips, extending my orgasm further, but only causing a faint tingle for him. As he keeps begging me to fuck him I gradually start lowering myself over him little by little. 

Edging him more and more as I take barely half his cock, still not allowing him all the way inside me.

Milking out that first orgasm out of my pussy makes me clench down on him, hard. I stop moving except to twist my hips enough for the ridge of his dick to allow the spasms to continue running through my body. With the ending waves of my orgasm leaving the tips of my fingers numb and my legs shaking, I helplessly sink down on his hard shaft. 

Finally taking all of him inside me I push down hard to feel the pressure of his throbbing cock as it fills me. Lowering myself all the way onto his cock I finally  feel the entire length and girth of it as he grinds up into me. Feeling him pushed so deep inside of me causes my head to fall back. I grind down on him hard, twisting my hips once again. The head of his cock massaging some glorious spot deep inside my pussy I moan and stop moving, except for a small twitch that keeps him rubbing that spot. 

Taking even more control I pivot just right so another orgasm crashes over me, and then quickly still my hips to minimize the pleasure for him.

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I bet listening to my Audio as I cum on your cock, over and over while Edging you would be even better though!

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