Getting home early might have been a blessing. Seeing her take him all the way down her throat I fought the urge to open the door more for a better view. She was a greedy little cock sucker. I could hear her slurping my boyfriend like a pro. Her spread legs showing how wet it made her. 

Biting my lip from the whimper that wanted to escape at how sensitive my clit had become, I slowly slid my fingers back in and out of my wet pussy. I needed to see him fill her. I didn’t even realize how hot it would be to see another woman sucking my boyfriend off. If I hadn’t got home early I would have never know. It was so hot. Let alone wanting to see him slide into her greedy soaked pussy.

As he made her gag on him I pulled now soaked fingers out of my pussy and slid them into my mouth. Right as I did this almost like instinct he pulled out of her mouth and dropped back down between her legs. Burying his tongue into her pussy I saw him go for the area he has never tried on me. Grasping her ass he lifted her hips and buried his tongue in her asshole. Gasping myself and happy her cry of pleasure covered it up. I watched him eat her asshole out and felt my thighs starting to clench uncontrollably. 

The taste of my own pussy exploded in my mouth. I kept sucking on them to cover up any further sounds I might make. Seeing him pull away from her I placed my phone down on the table by the door and undid my shorts giving myself more access. 

As he pulled away and knelt in front of her I thought he was going to bury himself in her pussy. Instead he positioned his hard cock at her ass and I bit down on my fingers in need as he pushed into her tight asshole. Taking my soaked fingers I just had in my pussy I slid them over my asshole. 

As he shoved himself in further he held her legs up and she was whimpering begging for all of him. I was begging in my head. Begging for him to take her hard as I watched. Seeing him bury himself in her little ass all the way to his balls I slide a finger into my own ass. Just the tip of it and gasped. I had never allowed anyone to try but he had never even asked. 

Seeing him lean down and kiss her as he slid in and out of her I knew I wanted that too. I wasn’t angry, no I was so turned on I could barely still stand. As he fucked her ass I used my fingers on myself. Sliding my one finger in a  little deeper in my virgin ass I take my other fingers out of my mouth. As he went faster I couldn’t take it anymore and rubbed my clit as I fingered my tight asshole the sensations sending me over the edge. We all came together and I left quietly after, excited to try some new things tonight. I’d have to come home early more often.

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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