I’d just gotten home early and walked in the house when I heard it. A soft giggle coming from the back of the house. Considering it was only supposed to be my boyfriend home I stopped from calling out a hello. Slowly walking to the back I set down my purse retrieving my phone out  of it. 

If that giggle was any tell I was going to want proof of what I was about to find. Making sure to go quietly I walked to my bedroom door. I slowly slid the door open making sure to muffle any sound. That’s when I saw them. Not only were they in our house. They were in the bed I bought. 

My boyfriend had his face buried between another woman’s legs. Grabbing my phone and pointing it in the slit I had made, I hit record. At first I had planned to storm in. Yet, something held me back. Seeing his hair in her grasp as she whimpered his name I felt something clench deep in me. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off them. My arm slowly lowered, forgetting the camera while I watched him bring her close to orgasm. I must have caught them right towards the beginning of play. That’s when he always preferred to eat a pussy. Before it got messy he’d say. I knew this, just like I knew that as she grabbed his head it was because he was nibbling on her clit right when she was about to cum. 

Feeling the moisture building between my legs I stood there watching. My nipples hardened as her moans built. Her begging for him to keep going made my muscles clench. Flashing to how good it would feel when he would slide that tongue in between my thighs. Knowing what she was feeling right in that moment. Holding back a small moan myself at the sensations of remembering and watching it from this view.

I’d never been interested in another woman in my life. Who would have expected any of this coming home early? Seeing her sprawled on the blanket that covered us this morning I was shocked to find myself soaking in how hot she looked as she started to orgasm. I started to feel the throb in my clit as she ground her pussy against his face. Seeing his hands gripping her thighs tight I slid my hand down my leg grabbing it in a similar hold remembering. 

I couldn’t believe it. I came home early to surprise my boyfriend and instead I was watching her scream his name and I couldn’t take it anymore. No I didn’t storm in like I would have thought I would. Instead I slid my hand down my shorts. Into my panties and cupped my pussy. As he got up and slid his cock down her eager throat right there I slid my fingers between my pussy lips.

I was soaked and throbbing. 

As she eagerly sucked him my mouth watered. Her legs were spread baring all to me as he knelt over her face feeding her his cock. 


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