I see you secretly looking at lingerie.


 Me and my boyfriend are shopping in the women’s section finding me some… scandalous outfits. I notice you shyly looking for some as well, throwing things in the cart trying to hide that you are grabbing them. We walk over and ask if you need any help, and I see your face getting red…

“I honestly have no idea how to dress like this, I wouldn’t mind the help…” you say.

I start throwing things in your cart, and grab your arm to bring you to the dressing room. “Come on let’s try these on!” I tell you, and grab the high heels we pass on the way there.

My boyfriend follows us into one of the rooms, as I start to undress you to put the first fit on. I pick up the hot pink silk panties and the matching bra to go with it, and show you how to slide it on. Shoving socks into the bra you have a nice set of tits now.

You hear him say “He looks like a little sissy now!” And me giggling, and when you look down you see your little cock hard in your panties. I start to slip on the stockings and you feel like a girl.

Gripping onto the back of your panties and pulling your wedgie- it tugs on your cock. “Hehe you’re not used to wearing a thong are you little sissy?” But your cock throbs in those panties as you pull. Moaning you keep doing it while we laugh at you, my boyfriend comes behind you pulling your panties to the side, bending you over…. You feel his cock press up against the tight little hole of yours.


You are such a dirty boy- I see that you like it.


Pulling your panties to the side, you look at me with wide eyes. Nervous but excited as you feel how big that tip is. His cock starts pushing inside of you, making your mouth open wide as it gapes your little asshole. Spread those cheeks little sissy and get ready for the fun. My smile widens as I giggle harder, seeing you biting your lip. Tonight, my boyfriends cock owns that little hole.


Slamming in and out, balls smacking together you feel my hands hold your asscheeks apart. It helps his cock go even deeper, making you moan even louder. Taking a hand off your ass, I grasp your mouth whispering in your ear to be quiet like a good bitch and take it. What if someone hears you in here? Seeing you walking out wobbling. They’ll know your a whore, but something tells me you like that…


Finish him with your mouth.


Feeling him pull out of your ass, you turn around and see his cock staring back at you, hard and plump like it is ready to burst. Suck on that tip and slide it deeper- milk that rod until that sticky white cum is on your tongue, trickling in the back of your throat. You know what you want, work for it sissy. I stick my fingers in your ass, giving you an incentive to bob up and down. You are such a little cum dump. Just look at you watery eyes sucking that thick juicy cock.


Use those hands and stroke the base, beg him with your eyes for more as precum slips out, tasting your ass go down with it. Such a naughty slut, and I can’t help but take out my phone. Hearing the clicking of photos being taken you look embarrassed. Don’t be embarrassed little sissy, you are going to be a star… everyone will want some of that mouth once they see how good of a cock sucker you are, taking it nice and deep. Even when you gag you don’t stop.


He is about to blow, get ready!


You feel that cock throbbing holding onto his balls feeling them engorge, don’t stop! Grab his ass and pull him in deeper, work that mouth sissy, he made you work for it today. Just when you thought you were never going to get that seed, you feel his veins pulse as he explodes inside of your throat. Let it pool onto your tongue and swish it like mouthwash, seeping into your gums for you to taste all day. Trickling slowly down, I kiss your lips to get a taste. Such a good bitch today.


Now for cleanup, that’s right. Lick that cock clean and show your new master how much you enjoyed his load.



 <3 Crystal <3




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