I this dream love affair I want you to know. I love you and your dick is the only dick I want to please.

The way that you sunk your big hard cum filled cock inside of my asshole. Last night it was something to remember forever you pounded me like a maniac. You should know your dick has the power to control my pussy you make her happy you make my pussy squirt all over the place. Believe me my love, I know that I can’t scratch your back up but I want to so badly. Your balls a delicious to my tongue I I love licking you’re smooth balls while I’m sucking you’re thick hard dick. There is never going to be another man like you for me and I won’t ever let you go.

As far as I am concerned your wife and I we are a team she plays her part and I can be your perfect dream love affair.

If your wife ever tries to stop you from fucking me I will have to take care of her and that is a promise. You mean so much to me you mean every single thing in the world to me and you need to know that for certain. Last night when you rode my face it made me feel important all I could think of was taking as much of your cock down my throat as possible. When you cum inside of my mouth, I make sure to swallow every single drop of your delicious creamy juice. We Belong Together you and I we are perfect for each other.

The moment your wife fucks up and leaves you I will make our dream love affair forever. I am going to make sure she doesn’t ever get the chance to come back. I’m not like your wife.

I know how to share, in fact, any fantasy that you will ever have I will do everything to make it come true. If you ask me to make love with you and your wife, I will do it without question. Anything you want from me, I am going to do it for you because I know how important you are. You are the man you’re the king your everything and that’s the truth my love. I want you to tell me about every dirty taboo fantasy that you’ve ever had. allow me to make dreams come true for you.

You always tell me how you love my round bubble little ass. In this dream love affair I keep in shape just for you.

My pussy it’s nice and tight and wet for you as well. I make sure to do my kegel exercises because this pussy should always be perfect for you. when your wife goes away next week, let me play house with you and be your wife I promise I will be so much more satisfying than her. Your dick is my king I’ll do everything to please it. I love you and I need you and I will always want you so bad. As long as you desire me, I’ll be here to please you; nothing else is more important. Watching your cock get off like it does quenches my thirst.

While your wife is away our dream love affair is the best. I dress up in a teeny tiny little cum slut maid’s outfit and clean cum-filled cock for you.

However you want to play we can play please believe me baby. my body yearns for you all the time. I cannot get enough of you; you are my complete and total sexual satisfaction. all I want to be is the woman who causes you pure and utter pleasure. With me there are no rules Anything Goes everything goes. Let me dig deep into your sexual desires, even the ones that would get you in trouble; those are the ones that turn me on the most. all of your Deep Dark Taboo Temptations, our game with me. I’m always going to be ready to serve you.

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