As long as I am your dream love affair. I will be the woman that you love beyond all other women.

No one hates that you’re cum filled cock is married more than me. I understand that you have a wife but I don’t have to like it. I’ve always felt since the very first time that we met; we were perfect for each other. I can honestly tell you that you make my life a refreshing experience. When I am with you, I get to be myself. I get to be the plane beautiful submissive girl that you love so much. When We Make Love, it is passionate, and it feels like forever moments suspended in time. I’m into you my love and I don’t care about your wife. Some girls might think that I am a disaster because I love a married man, but I can’t help myself.

I cannot stop myself from feeling the dream love affair feelings that I feel for you.

Last night when you came over to my house, it was one of the best sessions yet. I opened up the door wearing nothing but a pair of virgin white fishnet stockings. An itty bitty pair of lace panties, and a matching lace and silk bra. How you looked at me made me want to drop down on my knees. I wanted to unbutton your pants and start sucking your cock. Maybe you always do that for me; you always make me feel like submitting to you.

I love how you grabbed me and sunk your tongue into my mouth.

As we started kissing passionately, my pussy started throbbing, wanting you. I love you I absolutely love the way you touch my body. There is no other man like you; you’re the one who makes me feel special. I will do anything that you want me to in this dream love affair. My body belongs to you; I am your love slave.

Last night when you threw me down on the bed and tore my panties off.

You sent a rush of dopamine straight to my brain. As you started to kiss on my nipples and suck them gently. All I could think about was your big bone hard cum-filled cock fucking me uncontrollably. How you show me attention is unlike any other man what we have isn’t like any other affair. When your wife is out of town, and we get together in your house, I feel like a true slutty love affair mistress.

Your cock is my master your cock makes me feel worthwhile. I’ll do anything to have your dream love affair cock over and over again.

I know that you love me and I know that you cannot leave your wife now because she’ll take everything you have. My dreams consist of riding your bone hard cock right in front of that bitches face. The only thing I think about when I think about her is satisfying you and making her watch. Your wife will never satisfy you like me she won’t make you spray your creamy juices all over like I can.

Come back on Saturday for part II
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