After he fixed my hateful teeth he reached over and touched my breast, “I hope I read your signals correctly.”

Arching my back and pushing my breast into his hand I could not form words, I just nodded.  With that he used both his hands on my breasts and started to knead and squeeze them.  Then he moved his hands under my shirt and started to slowly squeeze the nipples between his thumb and finger.

It felt so good and I was really getting wet between my legs.

Here we were in the dreaded dentist office making out knowing full well that at anytime someone could walk in.  It was at that moment that his hand started to slowly travel down and slipped inside the waist band of my skirt.  Searching his fingers finally found what they were looking for.

Slowly touching my swollen wet slit he slid his finger down between the folds and then back up again,

Spreading my legs I invited him to explore further.  That was all the encouragement that he needed because he then slid further down until he found my wet juicy pussy.  I was so horny that as soon as he delved his finger into the swollen waiting hole I all but screamed.

That was all the encouragement he needed he was down between my legs licking and sucking in no time.

Was this really happening? Am I really making out in the Dreaded Dentists office?  Oh my God I couldn’t believe it.  Reaching down I dove my fingers into that gorgeous head of hair of his.  Pushing his head in closer he did not disappoint.  Sucking, licking, kissing and even nipping my clit.

He had me Cumming and begging for more.

Standing up he unbuttoned his dreaded dentist coat and opened his pants.  Out sprang his beautiful huge cock!  Reaching for it I ran my fingers down the length of it and then back to the tip.  Wiping off the drop of pre-cum with my finger I then put my finger in my mouth to suck it off.

“I need to feel you inside of me!  I want ever inch of that gorgeous cock to be inside my wet pussy.”

Standing up I leaned over the back of the chair and lifted my skirt up so he could fuck me hard.  Grabbing my hips he pushed his cock to the entrance of my swollen pussy.  I felt the tip of it wet from pre-cum slowly enter into my slick wet folds.  Continuing to push his cock was going in so slow and smooth it was driving my crazy.

“Oh God Fuck Me!” I shouted at him, temporarily forgetting where we were, the Dreaded Dentists Office.

Slapping a hand over my mouth, I felt him slam into me fast and hard.  So hard that I almost lost my balance.  Over and over again he pulled out only to slam in me again.  It felt so wonderful I thought I would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.

“Oh Baby, you have such a beautiful ass and a gorgeous body to go with it!”

He kept fucking me and fucking me!  It was just as he started to climax that I heard the bell for the front door.  There was no stopping us now!  We both exploded simultaneously as quietly as possible.  Quickly we cleaned up and were just straightening our clothes when the door opened and his assistant stuck her head in and asked if he got my nasty hateful teeth fixed?

“Yes, we were just finishing up everything turned out great!”

With that Dr. Gray, Steve walked me to the door and told me to make sure I rinse with warm salt water twice a day for the next couple of days.  I nodded and started out the door as he whispered, “Could I see you tonight?”  Nodding I smiled and walked to my car with a spring in my step.

Well from now on going to the dentist will not be dreaded, I will be looking forward to it!


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