Dragon Transformation, A Tale of The Virgin’s Choice Part 2

Our dragon transformation tale continues. The virgin heard his voice in her head again. He is saying, ‘Open your eyes, virgin.’ She opened her eyes. Standing a few feet in front of her was a very tall, muscular man with long, black hair and piercing amber eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing until she looked down and saw his impressive, beastly dragon cock. Before she could speak, she heard him say in her mind, ‘Yes virgin, I am the dragon and the dragon is me. Now choose. Either give me your virginity willingly or become my little feast to feed the beast.’ Without fully realizing what her choice might mean, like most humans her will to survive was strong. So, she thought, ‘I will give you my virginity.’ and he responded in her mind, ‘You must say it out loud for it to be done.’

The dragon transformation completed. The virgin said, “I will give you my virginity.” Then the man-dragon stepped forward and simply reached up and pulled her tied wrists up and over the large iron hook. As he did it, his beastly phallus was pressed up against her body. The large balls were pressed against the top of her thighs and the tip was pushing up against her belly button. It was quite long and very thick. As she’d never even seen a human male’s cock, she had nothing to compare with it. However, she somehow knew that he was much larger than most, if not all human males.

The thought aroused the virgin and she heard the man-dragon chuckle again in her mind.

The virgin was surprised at the dragon transformation. She thought the man-dragon would be rough and brutal, but she was surprised. He gently untied and massaged her sore wrists. Then he looked deeply into her eyes as he leaned down to gently but firmly kiss her lips. She could feel the heat rising in her body, especially in her breasts and pussy. With a long deep kiss, he’d inflamed her passions. She swayed slightly and he took her into his muscular arms. He lifted her up to carry her away from the post into the soft meadow’s grass. He laid her down on the soft grass and caressed her cheek with his hand. She could feel the heat coming from his every touch. Then he firmly grasped the front of her shift and ripped it wide open from top to bottom exposing her naked body.

Instead of scaring the virgin, the dragon metamorphosis to a man thrilled her and sent an intense wave of arousal throughout her body. He cupped one large, firm breast and began sucking and nibbling on her erect nipple. The virgin moaned, feeling things that she’d never felt before but had often thought about late at night in her bed. Then he began to move down her body with his lips and everywhere he kissed she felt the heat that was feeding the growing fire in her virgin pussy. When his lips and tongue began to kiss and lick her virgin cunt, the fire was blazing. She was writhing in the soft grass thinking of nothing but him and wanting, no needing him inside of her body.

Since he could read her mind, he knew of her desire before she spoke. 

The dragon transformation to a man was on top of her in an instant pressing his huge phallus against her very tight, wet pussy. Gently, he pushed the head inside her pussy and she let out a loud moan. Then with one massive thrust, he pushed himself all the way inside his beautiful virgin. First, she let out a scream of pain. Then as he continued to thrust in and out of her pussy, that first scream of pain turned to screams of pleasure. She dug her nails into his back as she thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts into her body. Her entire body was on fire and she felt like she would explode. Then it happened, she had a massive orgasm that made her entire body quiver and quake with ecstasy. With that intense orgasm, the virgin’s pussy tightened like a clamp on his dragon cock.

He filled her up with his seed, cumming deep inside of her body.

This ends our dragon transformation and virgin’s choice tale or maybe it’s the beginning. They both lay in the soft grass exhausted from their mutual pleasures falling asleep. Later in the day, the virgin wakes, and her lover is not there. Then she looks around and sees him perched atop the rock ledge not too far away watching over his mate. She hears him clearly in her mind. He is saying, ‘Now it is time for us to go to the cavern we will share.’ At first, she was confused. Then she began to understand as her body began to change.

Much like his dragon transformation from a dragon into a human, she began her transformation from a human into a dragon. She becomes a beautiful blue and purple dragon. Also, she could feel the eggs he laid in her belly. She unfurled her new wings and swooped up to meet her mate. They seemed to dance in the sky together. They flew away to their home so she could lay their eggs.

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