Dragon Transformation, A Tale of The Virgin’s Choice Part 1

Most have never heard of the dragon transformation and the virgin’s choice. However, we’ve all heard the tales of sacrificing a virgin to a dragon to protect the village. This tale is an account of what really happens once the villagers flee after the dragon arrives. It is always assumed that the virgin is eaten by the dragon, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, something entirely different happens. In this tale, the dragon lands and breathes fire into the air scaring off all the villagers. A dragon is a huge, scary, yet magnificent creature compared to people. This dragon is no different. The virgin is usually tied to a post and dressed in a white dress to signify her purity.

In this dragon metamorphosis tale, the virgin is a pretty young lady with light-brown hair and blue-gray eyes. She is dressed in a simple, white shift dress. Her wrists are tied together high above her head looped over a large iron hook. She watched the dragon land and breathe fire into the air and heard the screams of the villagers as they fled the area. In desperation, she tried to jump up to get her tied wrists free from the metal hook but wasn’t successful.

Then she looked at the dragon.

In this dragon conversion, it was obviously a male dragon because he had a large phallus. It was something that she noticed immediately. His scales were an iridescent red with a dark orange underbelly. There were dark red spikes down his spine. The claws on his front and back feet were dark obsidian. Lastly, she looked to his face. He had a long snout and his nostrils flared with smoke. She noticed that his eyes were amber and he had two long, black horns atop his head. He flung out his wings and they would’ve spanned her entire village in their reach. She closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see the rows of razor-sharp teeth she’d heard about from the warriors in the village.

The virgin waited with eyes tightly shut in this dragon transformation tale. She heard him move in closer and whimpered in fear. She heard him speak. Well, it was more like she heard his voice, a deep voice, in her head. ‘You are a virgin. I can see the truth in your mind.’ he said and continued, ‘You have a choice to make today. You can either willingly give me your virginity or you can give me your life as my afternoon snack.’ Her thoughts raced and she swore she heard him chuckle.

‘Perhaps this will help. Open your eyes, virgin.’ he said in her mind.

The virgin in our dragon metamorphosis opened her eyes and the dragon was standing about ten feet away. She couldn’t help but look at his large, beastly cock and she heard his laughter in her mind. The virgin craned her neck to look up at his face which was looking down. She started to notice that he was shrinking. His scales were getting smaller and the spikes down his spine looked to be melting into his back. Her eyes widened in surprise. His tail was getting shorter and thinner. He furled his wings again and they looked to be half the size as she originally estimated.

The dragon transformation began. The virgin looked to his face again and his snout and mouth had shrunk back forming almost a human-like shape. It seemed like his horns had melted down and turned into a long, black mane of hair. She looked to his orange belly which had gotten smaller. His phallus was still the same size making it look even larger and more intimidating. “What is this witchcraft?” the virgin said loudly. She got no response. Then he tucked his shrunken wings and they wrapped around his back enveloping his much smaller tail. It seemed he was getting even smaller, almost the size of a tall, muscular warrior. The virgin couldn’t believe her eyes and thinking that she’d been bewitched, she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Dragon Transformation, A Tale of The Virgin’s Choice Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Dragon Transformation, A Tale of The Virgin’s Choice Parts 1 & 2!

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