The day my life transformed was a dragon breeding fantasy come to life.

This is the second part of my dragon breeding fantasy.

“Dragon,” I whispered. Logically, I knew it was impossible, but I had always believed in magic, in things that we didn’t understand. “You’re a dragon.”

Saying those words seemed to set off something in him. With a sudden growl, he surged forward and ripped my clothes off of my body, leaving them in tatters on the ground. I felt the claws across my skin, but they didn’t cut me. With inhuman strength, he lifted me up and laid me down on the rug in front of our fireplace where logs were set for a fire. With a wicked grin, he let out a ball of flame into the fireplace, setting the wood ablaze.

There wasn’t a moment to think, to breathe.

Suddenly, my legs were pressed up and open, exposing my cunt to the air and his gaze. He leaned in and let his tongue hang out. It was long and forked. Before I knew it, he was licking over my slit and up to my clit, making me moan. I felt the tickle of the tip of his tongue at my entrance before he slid inside of me. Yet there was still tongue working against my clit!

It was heavenly. Moaning, I reached down and stroked over his horned, scaly head, encouraging him on. Part of me knew that this had to be wrong, that he wasn’t human but some magical beast. I shouldn’t be doing this. But it felt too good not to! His tongue dove deep inside me, filling me up with that wet, thick muscle, even as he worked my clit. My legs were shaking as I shuddered under him. His tongue began to work inside me, but not back and forth. No, it squirmed around, finding every little space that it could fill. No cock or toy had ever felt like this.

A single claw reached up and rubbed against my clit.

That added pressure was just enough to make me shout, my back arching as I flooded his mouth and came. It was so intense that my ears were ringing. He pulled back, but I couldn’t catch my breath before he was spinning me around.

He was kneeling by my head so that I could see his cock. Or rather, his cocks. Like a lizard, he had two thick cocks, bumpy and ridged. They were so much bigger than his human cock had been, but I didn’t get a chance to think too much about it. He pressed one into my mouth and put my hand around the other, slowly pumping them both in and out. I eagerly joined in, sucking that strange, pointed dick right down, stroking the slightly slick second one. His next growl seemed pleased as he lifted my hips up so that he could taste me again.

He was licking his way into my ass eagerly, making hungry grunts and growls as he did. His fingers started to work both my asshole and my pussy, stretching me. Oh, god, I thought. He’s going to put both of them inside of me! It made me suck harder, eager to feel him.

It wasn’t long before he pulled his foot-long dragon tongue out of my ass with a filthy slurp.

My face was a mess of drool and pre-cum, a surprisingly tasty liquid with the flavor of cinnamon. Once more, he was simply tossing me around on the rug, this time placing me on my hands and knees. His hands kneaded my ass and he groaned. “Look at you,” he rumbled. “You’re going to bear so many healthy eggs.”

“Eggs?” I asked, alarmed, but he didn’t give me any chance to follow the question up. I felt the two pointed tips of his cocks press to my ass and pussy before he began to push in. Their taped ends helped them slide in easily, filling me from empty to bursting in one smooth thrust. I moaned so loud that I was sure the neighbors would hear!

His body covered me, pressing me down as he began to fuck deep inside of me. Those unfamiliar ridges rubbed against my g-spot and ass so well. I was so full and it felt amazing.  He began to pick up the pace, so I reached under and rubbed at my clit. I barely had to touch myself before another orgasm ripped through me, squeezing his cocks.

None of what happened before that could have prepared me for what that triggered. He roared, rearing his head back and snapping his wings open. I could see him begin to shift again in a nearby mirror, going from a humanoid dragon to something out of my dreams, something much more like a lizard. It was as if a dragon from a fantasy novel was suddenly on top of me. But that wasn’t all- his bulging cocks grew inside me as well, extending my orgasm intensely.

Everything went into a hot haze as he forgot everything but himself.

He pounded me relentlessly until I thought I was going to break into a million pieces. He planted his front claws on the ground in front of me, towering over me. I could feel his cocks get hotter inside of me until suddenly, they erupted, swelling my stomach with how much cum they pumped in me. I could feel something near my entrance get bigger, stopping me up with all that cum inside of me, tying us together.

After a long minute, he relaxed and flopped us both onto our sides, his cocks still deep in me. “There are so few of us,” he murmured into my neck, his tail coming up to stroke over my distended belly. “Now there will be more. You’re doing the world a service, bearing my eggs. And this will only be the first clutch. I hope you enjoyed this, Athena. Because it will happen many times.”

He adjusted himself and I whimpered, another wave of orgasm going through me. Honestly, the thought of being a true mother of dragons did sound amazing. And if it got me sex like this… sign me up for more! It was a dragon breeding fantasy come true as if it were some warped fairytale.

If you missed the first part of my dragon breeding fantasy then start from the beginning.

On the other hand, you could purchase my audio blog to hear the whole thing now, plus some bonus parts!

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