The day my life transformed was a dragon breeding fantasy come to life.

I arrived home after a long day’s work to find my boyfriend waiting for me with a hungry look in his eyes. “There you are,” he said as he advanced quickly. “Don’t you know what today is?”

“Friday?” I asked, unsure about where he was going with this. “Did I miss an anniversary or something?”

“No,” my boyfriend murmured, pulling me in close. “It’s the hunter’s moon tonight and you’re finally ready to bring a new generation into this barren world.”

I tried to step back, but his hands were tight on my arms, fingers digging into my skin almost sharply. “What are you talking about?” I asked, feeling my heart speed up in my chest. I saw a glint of something golden in his eyes as the mood of the room tensed in anticipation.

“It’s time you learned what I really am,” he purred in my ear.

He stepped back and pulled his shirt off of his body, shedding his pants a moment later. Distracted, I stared at his naked body for a heartbeat, then I noticed things start to change as he transformed. His skin was starting to turn a deep red and his body began to expand- shoulders getting broader, his height growing, his muscles swelling to inhuman bulges. Meanwhile, scales became pronounced on his skin, which glinted in the light. Spiny ridges erupted from his body, giving him an added air of danger. Next, his hands and feet shifted to long reptilian digits, each tipped with a shiny claw.

Most unbelievable of all, wings erupted from his back, easily twice as long as his arm span. They distracted me entirely from the tail that he grew, the tail that wrapped dexterously around my waist and drew me right back to his hard chest. I could feel the spines running down his tail press enticingly along my body, which then scratched at my skin.

“What are you?” I had to ask, reaching out to touch my boyfriend, to confirm that what I saw was real.

It certainly felt that way, smooth scales cool to the touch covering the hard muscle. His features were still similar, though his mouth and jaw had shifted to more of a snout shape. This body was gorgeous and unearthly.

His smile grew, showing off a mouth full of fangs. I shuddered, though it wasn’t entirely in fear. “I think you know exactly what I am. My ears hear how hard your heart is beating, Athena, so I know how excited you are. I can smell your anticipation. I can even…” He leaned closed and licked a line along my neck with a long, forked tongue, therefore made me gasp. “Taste your arousal. Now just say the words, tell me you know exactly what I am, and I’ll be sure to sate every hunger that you have.”

“Dragon,” I whispered.

My eyes traveled over him while I tried to take in the idea that the impossible was real, that magic existed. “You’re a dragon.”

Stay tuned for part two of my dragon breeding fantasy. However, if you can’t wait, purchase my audio blog to hear the whole thing now, plus some bonus parts!

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Now out- Part 2!

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