Don’t Forget the Safeword! Rhiannon Does Femme Domme Part 2



The room he selected was large enough for the purposes. It had a small platform that had a vinyl-covered mattress, a spanking bench, and a wooden chair with a high back, and it was absolutely perfect. I set my toy bag on the chair and told Ryan to remove all of his clothing, fold it neatly, and put it next to the bed platform. Once he had completed his task, I told him that we’d be working with three signals: green, yellow, and red. Green would mean that I was freely allowed to continue with what was going on, yellow would mean I needed to check in often to see where he was, and red would put an immediate stop to everything. Ryan told me that he understood. He wanted me to domme for him.


I seated myself on the bed platform, legs hanging off the edge and had Ryan kneel before me. With that, I extended my foot towards him, and he stared, unsure what I was going to demand of him. My feet were still in heels and stockings, but I explained to Ryan that all parts of a woman were to be worshipped, not just the prettiest parts. He seemed to understand and took my foot into his hands. Gently, he removed my shoe and exposed my stocking-covered foot before taking it between his palms and giving it a thorough massage.

“Worship me, don’t massage me,” I told him, and his tongue snaked across my stocking-clad toes, his lips kissed and doted upon my ankles. It was absolute perfection! 


After he had shown the same kind of love and affection to my other foot, I had Ryan put my shoes back in place, then escorted him to the spanking bench, which put his muscular ass on display for me to cover in welts, kisses, or whatever else I felt it needed. My instructions were simple: hold on tight. I emptied my toy bag onto the bed, spread the toys out in a way where I could easily identify each implement, then brought a paddle with me over to where Ryan was so patiently waiting.


His head was down.


With my bare hand, I smoothed the flesh of his ass, feeling the warm skin and giving him a taste of my touch. My hand raised from his ass cheek and came back down with a deafening clap. Ryan winced a bit, his body becoming tight against the bench, and then I smoothed my hand over the freshly made welt. I was certain it stung. The flesh was already red and raising a bit, so I used the paddle on the opposite ass cheek and struck him five times, the middle three spankings being the hardest.  Mmmm. I loved to domme. 


Ryan cried out at the fifth smack, and I got close to him, bending myself over his body so that I could whisper into his ear to check in. “Green,” he whispered back. I nodded,  felt under my own skirt, rolled my panties down my legs, and shoved them in his mouth. “You see, Ryan,” I began, “little bitches cry when they’re struck. And if you’re going to be a little bitch, I don’t want to have to hear it. Do I make myself clear?” He nodded frantically, and I found myself behind him again, using the paddle on the same ass cheek I had before.


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. However, not a peep from Ryan. 


I made my way back to the strewn about toys and found a metallic butt plug. It was cute, really! The end had a pretty heart-shaped blue jewel, which I showed to Ryan. Standing with my legs apart, I spread them further, and pushed the plug into my awaiting pussy, which was so very, very wet from all the excitement. Using my own juices as lube, I then walked back to Ryan. Then with my fingers wrapped around the jeweled end of the plug, I traced the tapered end over his exposed asshole before parting it and shoving the plug within its depths. He moaned loudly through my panties, which were still in place within his mouth. 


“You’re free to go,” I said. He looked perplexed. “We will meet here weekly. You will arrive with the plug in. Every session will begin with you worshipping a different part of my body. Do I make myself clear?” 


He nodded, and got up from the spanking bench. I watched him dress, and leave. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about how I met my little bitch, Ryan. He and I still play when we’re able to, though it’s mostly over Zoom and the phone now. I’m in search of another little bitch to please me. Another little bitch to domme. Will you be the one?


Reading Part 1 will make this a lot easier.


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