Don’t Forget the Safeword! Rhiannon Does Femme Domme Part 1


I’ve always been a little kinky. In fact, when I was a child, my mother stopped punishing me with spankings when I told her it felt good and I absolutely meant it. So, it should be no surprise to anyone that as an adult I’ve gotten into BDSM and the kink scene. I would say that I identify as a switch and can easily go from begging Daddy to choke me harder, to a scene where I’m feeling the complete femme domme vibe. Don’t forget your safeword, kiddos. Let’s dive in!


Impact toys are my absolute favorite things to purchase. So many things can be used as impact toys! Wooden spoons, ping pong paddles, tennis rackets. If it makes a wonderful slapping noise and can leave a mark, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve considered using it in a scene. The wall of my pretty pink princess bedroom is adorned with impact toys, though they’re a little more formal than wooden spoons or ping pong paddles. On this wall, I have two floggers, several leather paddles, and a riding crop. These toys have gotten some great use over the years, though they’ve been dormant for the last little while. 


I miss using them. Before the world went on pause, I used to go to a couple of different BDSM Lifestyle clubs when my boyfriend was out of town. To get ready, I’d dress up, load up my toy bag, and then meet up with someone wanting to bottom for me. Someone who wanted me to domme them.


Generally, I’d meet these folks online first, set up a meeting at one of the clubs, and then have a soda or two with them before we ever negotiated a scene. 


One night, I was waiting at the club, drinking a soda when I realized I’d been completely stood up. The guy I’d been chatting with didn’t show and then seemed to have blocked my number completely. I’ll never know why he did this. In the end I’m glad it happened because I got to have a scene with someone I’ll never forget.


He was sitting in the bar area, but noticed I had been alone for quite some time, so he came up to me. His name was Ryan, and he wasn’t what most people would picture when the term “bottom” comes up. Ryan was taller than me (which honestly isn’t that hard, as I’m just a little over five feet tall), somewhat muscular, and very conservative looking. A grey button up shirt was tucked into his slacks, and his hair was very neatly cut and combed into a style that can only be described as business casual. He looked like a law clerk. He looked like every man you’d ever seen at a Starbucks.


Instead of being in line at Starbucks, he was sitting across from me and looking nervous. I instantly wanted to comfort him, to make everything right in his world. It was an odd connection, but he seemed as if he really needed someone to take care of him and make decisions. After a moment or two of talking, I asked him what he wanted with me. What was his agenda?  He told me that I looked like the kind of woman that you could take to meet your parents. And also the kind of woman who would beat the hell out of you with a flogger.

Ryan wasn’t wrong, and before long we were negotiating a scene and I would be his femme domme.


The list of things that were off limits was short. No cock and ball torture; no scat. That was it! My head swam with the endless list of possibilities. It was almost overwhelming to meet someone who was open to so much.  I was completely overjoyed in that moment. My outward expression showed little of this. Soon after the negotiation, I told Ryan to find a private room for the two of us.


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