Domination: Who Is Up For Dominating The Neighbor? Part Two

I love domination and taking control, especially ones that I thought were dominant. So, having this cocky man tied up waiting for me to punish him gave me such pleasure. My pussy began to get wet just thinking about what I was about to do to him. Thinking of domination really gets me going. Tearing down his boxers I finished undressing him. Going to the dresser I pulled out a pair of vampire gloves. The gloves have small spikes on them. I placed them on my hands and slowly moved my hands up and down his body. I did this lightly. Just enough to leave light pink streaks across his body. Rubbing my hands up and down his body harder and harder every time.

Eventually his body had red scratches all over it.

I felt like that was a good warm up especially since he did not seem to flinch or flail much. Putting the gloves back and I asked if he needed to be punished. My neighbor responded appropriately with, “yes, mistress.” I grabbed the flogger off the wall. In fact It is made of leather with a black handle. Perfect for domination. I began to lightly make a figure eight with the flogger across the back of my neighbor. I started off light. Just small taps across his back. Eventually I started going harder and harder and harder until he moaned with both pleasure and pain. Pulling his hair I said, “hold still you fucking bitch.” I started to really lay into him.

The harder I flogged him the wetter I got. Taking in the smell of leather and the sounds of pleasurable pain makes me so hot. “You’re a little whore, aren’t you?”  I said. His response was, “Yes, Mistress.” “Take it like the little bitch you are,” I demanded. My neighbor’s response, as always, was, “Yes, Mistress.”

I could tell he was getting further into sub space.

Beginning to get bored with the flogger I grabbed a paddle. Not just any paddle but my favorite wooden paddle with “My Bitch” carved into it backwards. That way a mark that says, “My Bitch,” is left on the submissive. “Who’s bitch are you?” I asked. “Yours Mistress,” he said. I slammed the paddle into his ass. He exclaimed in pain and I knew he was completely in sub space. After putting my paddle away I began to untie him from the cross. Taking special care so he would not fall.

I told him to lay down on the floor face down. He did as he was instructed. I began to walk across his back with my stiletto heels still on. Feeling them squish into the skin of his back. Feeling so turned on by hearing muffled moans from my neighbor. Although no safe word was ever muttered.

I could see the heel marks being made on his back and it made me shudder with pleasure.

After I walked across the back of my neighbor, I told him he was a good bitch and had him kneel once more. Removing his collar I led him into my bedroom. I shoved him onto my bed face down so that I could begin to kiss and rub his wounds. Especially making sure to take special care of the “My Bitch” imprint I had made. I told him to sit and stay and like a good bitch he listened to my commands. I left and returned with a glass of water. After care is so important when you dominate someone. I asked if there was anything he liked for after care and he told me that I had done an amazing job.

I gave him his clothes and he began to get dressed. As he dressed, I noticed that I was right about his big cock and made a mental note to take advantage of that at a later date. I put my robe on as to not be noticed when opening my front door. We said goodbye with a hug as he left seemingly satisfied.

Missed out on how I decided to dominate my neighbor. Then, check out Part One. Want to hear my blog read with all the sexy details? Then, go ahead and purchase my audio.


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