Domination: Who Is Up For Dominating The Neighbor? Part One

My next-door neighbor, Jason, is a handsome married man with three kids. Our kids go to the same pre-school and are good friends. I have always thought that my neighbor presented with big dick energy. He seems to have a large bulge in his pants that I often fantasize about. Jason, has a cocky know it all attitude that gets my juices flowing. He is an African-american muscular man with short black hair and brown eyes. His wife, although attractive, seems like a prude. I cannot imagine what brought them together.

The other day while the kids were in school, I decided to try on a brand-new dominatrix outfit. I love the way latex feels on my skin. The outfit hugs me in all the right places. Above all it exposes just enough of my bosom to tantalize my submissive. Furthermore, I wore these black stiletto heels that make me two inches taller. The heels are pointy enough to walk across my sub and them feel the pain. I love domination.

I should mention that this outfit was fully funded by one of my many paypigs.

Anyway, as I was admiring myself in the mirror and tying up my beautiful brown hair, there was a knock on the door. Not thinking about what I was wearing I went and answered it. Who might it be but my handsome neighbor. When his faced dropped with shock, I realized what I was still wearing. Realizing we were standing in the doorway I ushered him inside so I could explain. After entering the house, he knelt in front of me. Being used to males kneeling in front of me so I can attach their collar but my neighbor?  I had to ask what he was doing. He responded with “anything you want.” That is music to my ears.

Learning that my cocky neighbor is a little subby made me so happy.

Above all I needed to verify what he meant and demanded he verify such. He told me that he had watched so many things about being dominated and has always wanted to explore it but was never able. Jason, informed me that he can take a great deal of pain and that he would like to try domination, impact play and pegging. I informed him his safe word would be red and had him stand.

Ushering him to follow me, I guided him upstairs to my “craft room” and opened the door. However, I am not sure if he was more shocked by my outfit or by my “crafts.” The room is painted a deep purple with a wooden dresser, a St. Andrews Cross, and a craft table. The St. Andrew’s cross I had discreetly put in after my husband and I divorced two years ago. Hanging on the wall are paddles, floggers, riding crops, and more. After leading him into the room I had him undress to his boxers and kneel again. Going to the dresser I pulled out a leather collar. Placing it on my neighbor I said, “good bitch.” I guided him up and towards the St. Andrews Cross. Pulling his collar I slammed him against the cross. His face smacked into the cross.

I tied his hands up first and then his ankles. Making sure they were snug.

“Are you ready for a little fun, bitch?” I asked. His response was concise yet shy. “Yes, ma’am.” I smacked his head while demanding he call me Mistress or Mistress Roslyn. Given that he wanted to please me he quickly responded with, “Yes, Mistress.”

Want to know what happens next in my “craft room” with my neighbor? Check back on Wednesday for the rest. In case you cannot wait until then? Hear all the dirty details from my own mouth by purchasing the audio.

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