Dominant Wife to A Cuckold Panty-Boy Husband Part 2

Another day brings another call from his dominant wife. “Please, Goddess, may I ask you a question?” he said and I allowed it. “Please, what color panties are you wearing today?” I thought, ‘What a horny slut!’ Well, I was horny too. Plus, I had something new and special for my cuckold husband. I knew women’s panties, especially mine, were a turn-on for him. It’s part of the reason why I had him wear them in his size. My response wasn’t exactly what he expected. I said, “Perhaps I should ask our neighbor from across the street to tell you?” That totally caught him sputtering and stuttering.

Inwardly I chuckled, but calmly said, “Well, he is standing right outside the window watching me rub on my damp panties right now. Do you want to call and ask him?” I’d started playing with myself hoping the neighbor would notice. I called my husband once I had the neighbor’s attention. To tease my husband further, I said, “It looks like he has a big enough cock to ride. I might invite him inside so he can tell you what my panties look like?” He begged me not to fuck the neighbor. Then the whole neighborhood might find out about him.“Oh, alright then, Do you really want to know which panties I’m wearing right now?” I said.

Then I motioned for the neighbor to come to the door.

As a dominant wife, I never fucked my little-dick husband, but usually, I let him watch. The call had finally gotten to my favorite point. Nothing mattered to my husband except me. I loved it because now he would do almost anything to know about my panties. I took advantage of his thoroughly aroused state by saying, “If you really want to know, grab your belt.” He said, “Oh no, please Mistress Wife, not that! Somebody might hear me!”

This dominant wife began to get stern saying, “Do you think I care if they hear you or not? No! It is up to you whether or not they hear you.” By this point, the neighbor was inside the house and sliding my panties down my legs. I had motioned him inside but to keep quiet. The neighbor unzipped his jeans and dropped his pants on the floor. I was impressed. He had at least 9 thick inches. On the phone, I could hear a loud smack as my husband began his punishment, and breathlessly said, “One, Goddess!” At the same time, the neighbor bent me over the chair and slammed all 9 inches deep into my wet pussy.

“Again, harder!” this dominant wife said to both my husband on the phone and the neighbor. I heard another smack that was much louder than the first and my husband yelp as he said, “Two, Goddess!” I allowed him to continue for ten strokes. He was crying and sore. I stopped the neighbor too and could tell he was amused. The neighbor waited as he stroked his cock wet with my juices. “You may stop now,” I said to my husband. “Oh thank you, Mistress Wife, you are so good to me,” he said.

His pain, tears, and relief were palpable.

This dominant wife could hear the shame and humiliation in her husband’s voice.“Your cock is still hard? Isn’t it?” I said and he said, “Yes, Mistress Wife.” I instructed him to continue rubbing his cock, but not to cum. “You want to know what panties I’m wearing?  I suppose that you have earned that information. I am wearing those pretty, sheer, light-pink thong with the matching underwire bra. The neighbor likes how I look in them.” I said and my husband started to moan like he was about to cum in his panties. So, I said, “Don’t you dare cum!” When you get home, you will undress and go to the bedroom. You will lay on your back in only your panties with your eyes closed.”

My panty-boy husband continued to beg, but I told him, “No” and promptly hung up. The neighbor and I had gotten to the bedroom. The neighbor had me missionary, doggie-style, and a few other positions. He slammed his big hard cock into my swollen pussy. I pumped back on that big, beautiful, bare-naked cock. I was moaning, groaning, and urging him to fill me up with his cum. The plan was to go on fucking him as many times as I could before my husband came home from work. I wanted my pussy to be stuffed with cum. I wanted to be able to really fill up my cuckold husband’s tummy for dinner. Maybe I’ll persuade the neighbor to stay for ‘dinner’ and stuff his cock full of fresh spunk right down my cuckold panty-boy husband’s throat?!

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