Dominant Wife to A Cuckold Panty-Boy Husband Part 1

I am an intelligent, attractive, and wealthy woman that has become a dominant wife. It only took one look at my husband’s pathetic, small dick on our wedding night for me to decide to cuckold my husband and take control of my marriage and life. It didn’t take long to turn my husband into a cuckold and panty-boy. I have my boyfriends with huge cocks and I have a weak wimp of a husband. Of course, he adores me. He calls me mistress wife or goddess. We have been married for about a year and I still make him work despite my personal wealth. When he is at home, he serves as a “house husband”. Does all the housework and caters to my every need or desire!

One of my favorite games as a dominant wife is calling my husband during his workday. I called him in the afternoon today. He probably thought that he’d escaped being teased and tormented. I started nicely saying, “Hello my little panty-boy. How is work today?” He said in response, “Hello Goddess, work is pretty busy today. I really don’t have time to talk.” His curt response irked me, the sheer belligerence! Still maintaining my pleasant tone of voice I said, “Are you wearing those pretty white silk panties that I laid out for you this morning?”

“Please, Mistress Wife, there are a lot of people in the office today, I can’t talk right now,” he said in a stuttered whisper.

His response was the last straw for me, his dominant wife. So, with a stern commanding voice, I said, “I asked you a question. You know how much I dislike repeating myself. Are you wearing those panties?” With a tremor, he said, “Yes, mistress wife, I am wearing the white silk panties. Please, Goddess, anybody could walk in on me at any time. Please, can I go?”

The tremor in his voice exhilarated me, but he needed to be punished. I do not tolerate disobedience. In a stern commanding voice, I said, “No, you may not go. I have only begun. You need a little time in the closet. Go to your closet, now!” In a whisper, he said, “Please Mistress Wife, not the closet.” He was begging. I love to hear him beg me. It made my panties damp. Still, I said in a stern commanding tone, “In the closet now or pay the price!” He meekly said, “Yes, Goddess.”

Once I had him in the closet, this dominant wife started asking humiliating questions. I wanted him as uncomfortable and pliable as possible. I was really beginning to enjoy myself. “How does it feel to be my cuckold husband?” I said and he said, “I adore you, Mistress Wife.” I continued saying, “How does it feel to be wearing women’s panties?” and he said, “I love wearing panties for you, Goddess.”

“Rub on yourself through the panties,” I said sternly.

As a dominant wife, it was my duty to constantly remind my husband that I was in charge. Even though he was in the closet, he was still excited at the prospect of being caught. “Yes, Mistress Wife, I am scared and excited. I can’t help it. I love you so much!” he said fervently. “How does it make you feel that your younger wife makes you wear panties?” I said. My panties were so damp. They were sticking to my smooth shaved pussy lips. My wimpy husband’s pleas got me very excited. I knew he was humiliated but that humiliation was arousing him more.

I almost laughed out loud at his mewling pleas and said, “Rub that tiny dick harder, but don’t you dare cum. You are not allowed to cum!” and he said, “Yes, Goddess.” I could sense the relief but utter defeat in his voice. I reveled in it and said, “Tell me precisely how you feel right now.”

This dominant wife trained her cuckold and panty-boy husband in a few months. The rush of power aroused me especially when I added something new. He is definitely my “whipped puppy” husband. It was just about time for the next step in humiliation. My secret hope was that it might attract the attention of one or more of his co-workers. “I am at your mercy, Goddess. Willing to do anything you ask. I love you. It is such an honor to be your husband. You are so great and I am so small and humiliated. It’s an honor to be allowed to serve you.”

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Dominant Wife to A Cuckold Panty-Boy Husband Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Dominant Wife to A Cuckold Panty-Boy Husband Parts 1 & 2!

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