Dominant Cuckold Fantasy – Sharing with the Junior Associate – Part 2


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I love a little entertainment and found myself running my foot up his pant leg, leaning over to show some cleavage, and even bent over just to make him blush. As dinner ended, Frank poured everyone a drink and suggested moving into the parlor.  It was a more comfortable environment to relax and let the night wind down.


 Consequently, my thoughts of jackhammer Frank made me cringe as I got close to Junior.


I was so lost in thought; I didn’t even hear Frank propose his new associate. My heart jumped into my throat as I felt Junior gently grasp the back of my neck. “Now you’re mine,” he spoke softly yet stern into my ear. Junior slid his hand up my thigh, up my skirt, and proceeded to slide my panties to the side. His fingers began rubbing my clit, as my pussy began to drip.


I gazed into his eyes, and as a result, an evil little grin slid across his face.


Frank sat back and began to enjoy the show, slowly unzipping his pants. At the same time, I began unzipping Junior’s pants as well. There was zero disappointment as his massive cock popped out into my face. My mouth instinctively opened, shoving this monster cock deep into my mouth.


I then let my tongue slide up and down from the base to the tip, shoving his massive balls alongside.


Finally, he grabbed me by my hair and shoved his massive cock into my throat, pushing it deeper and deeper. Slowly, I could feel the head of his cock completely block my throat as it curved down. My eyes began to tear up as I struggled to take the rest of his throbbing cock. I looked over to Frank sitting in his chair, rubbing his tiny cock.


“Fucking pathetic,” I periodically thought to myself.


Junior pulled me off his spit-covered cock, and laughed as I took a long gasp of air.  I stood up, pulled off my dress, slid my panties to the side, and straddled his massive cock. Faster and deeper, his cock drove inside. Junior put his hands on my hips and slid his cock deeper into my dripping pussy. Every inch spread me open wider as I took this massive cock to his balls.


It felt so fucking good. This is what I had been missing.


Frank’s sad excuse for a cock, could never imagine opening me like Junior. I began to bounce hard and fast. My tits bounced all over. His hands grabbed me tighter around my waist as he pushed deeper. There was almost a symphony of my moaning, Frank’s grunting, and Junior’s balls slapping against my ass.


Then Junior spun me around to watch Frank make a huge mess all over his pants.


Consequently, as I giggled, Junior’s grip tightened as he let out a deep moan. He pushed me down onto his cock, and he exploded inside me. His cock pulled out, then filled me up once again as his cum dripped out of me. Junior’s cock pulsed as he pulled it out of my pussy, then we walked over to Frank. Junior and I laughed as we made Frank clean up our mess, all of it.


Eventually, Junior saw himself out as I made my way to my room. Until next time, I thought to myself. Just before falling fast asleep; to dream of my dominant cuckold fantasy.


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