Close your eyes and imagine having a sneeze that has built up all day. Now imagine, just as you are about to let it go finally, it disappears. You officially know how disappointment feels. This little scenario perfectly describes the relationship with my former sugar daddy. This was the exact reason I yearned for a dominant cuckold fantasy.

His name was Frank, and he was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

He hated his life and his wife but loved spending money on me. It has been quite a few years, and I don’t remember how we met, but I am sure I was at some function with his associate. I and the latter didn’t hit it off, but Frank and I sure did. After we met, he already had me in a fantastic penthouse overlooking the ocean.

We took lavish trips worldwide, and I almost forgot about a few of my other boy toys.

However, this man had the smallest cock I had ever seen. When I say sex was disappointing, that’s an understatement. His cock must have been 2 inches completely hard and a total joke. This tiny little cock barely made its way past my pussy lips, much less stroke my g-spot. When it was time for sex, there was a typical routine.

Frank would climb on top and proceed to flop around with some type of style.

Finally, ending the ordeal, leaving me to clean up. I never said a word because I didn’t want to lose the sugar daddy lifestyle and perks. However, it got monotonous, ending by myself every time. I have a variety of toys that will never let me down and began telling myself that it was okay; but deeply missed that dominant streak.

I wasn’t as convincing as I thought, and Frank knew I wasn’t sexually satisfied.

It never failed; he would always apologize the next day. The gifts were always extravagant, from purses to jewelry; he even bought me a pony one time. At the risk of sounding rude, let’s just say my pussy was aching for something that it hadn’t had in quite a while. As you can see, Frank was always full of surprises, and boy did I get the biggest surprise ever!

Frank entertained clients for work; that was nothing new.

Some weeks the maids must have thought they worked at Grand Central Station, and I was always the main event. Frank loved to show me off like a trophy, and the men and women alike would all tell him how lucky he was. So anyway, there was one night that I will never forget. Frank brought home one of his junior managers.

He told me they needed to talk business; I think he was mentoring him.

I introduced myself and honestly couldn’t stop staring into his eyes. There is no way he was much older than me; Junior had such a babyface. He was tall with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a tight suit so that you could see his muscular physique. Junior was sexy, and we flirted quite a bit that night.

At every chance, I caught him giving me elevator eyes, practically undressing me in front of Frank, his boss.

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