My Dom took off his clothes

“I want your hair in pigtails and your butt plug-in, bent over on all fours on the floor when I get there” said my Dom.   I always do what my Dom tells me, and  made sure that everything is perfect. When my Dom walked in he couldn’t contain himself. Taking all his clothes off, he knelt behind me, and made a gasping sound. “I had been thinking about you all day and you look perfect.” After groping and squeezing every inch of my body he finally got up and told me to do the same.

Need to thank him

I can’t get away with anything, but what makes my Dom angry is when I forget to thank him. When my Dom spits in my mouth, I have to remember to thank him.  This time I forgot.  He grabbed me by my neck and put me up against the wall. His hand wrapped around my neck so tight.  Angry, he asked me, “what did you forget to do”? I stood there in silence with my eyes wide open and felt butterflies in my belly.

Forgot to say thank you

I looked at him as he grabbed my face and told me to look down because I was not worthy enough to look at him without his permission.  He asked me in a disappointing voice, “Did you forget to thank me?” As I was about to say sorry, he squeezed my neck a bit harder to make sure I was not going to be able to speak. He had me face the wall and think about what I should say next.  Naked I stood facing the wall while he took a seat.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure with my sultry Dom!  Come back for more dirty tales!!

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