Divorced Woman Are you being watched? Give them something to see!

Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched?  Let me tell you of my experiences, as a divorced woman.

It was a very hot July day and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than being poolside.  I put on my bikini and headed down to the community pool.  It was already packed with a bunch of kids and their mom’s watching them.  More like their moms gossiping with each other.  They usually were talking about me, the divorced woman.

I never really got along with too many of the moms in the complex, mainly because I had absolutely nothing in common with them.  They were mostly middle-aged tired women with a middle-aged spread.  They were members of the PTA, softball booster club, girl scouts, boy scouts, and whatever else moms did with there kids.

Whereas me, I was a divorced woman who took care of her body and enjoyed sex.

Most of these women looked at sex as something they had to do like taking out the garbage.  That is why I never got along with them.  Every time I walked into a community area they all became hush-hush and the whispers started.

I was known as the “Divorced” woman and you all know what that means.  That’s right I am easy and I am a sex maniac.  So I guess it is my job to live up to their expectations.  I do love sex and I am divorced but I do not consider myself easy.  Well, not really easy anyway.

So I see an empty lounge chair down by the pool and I head over in that direction.  I put my stuff down and make myself comfortable and start spreading lotion on my legs.  Looking around I notice there is not one single man here even though it is a Saturday afternoon.  Oh well maybe some will show up later.  It was about then that I noticed the whispers starting.  Living here for almost a year I have learned to ignore them for the most part.

I am being watched, let me give them something to see!

“Hi, my name is Sam, actually Samantha.  Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Of course not are you new here?”

“Yes I just moved in last month, that is my boyfriend and I.”

“Just so you know if you associate with me nobody else around here will talk to you.  I am known as a Divorced woman who is a sex maniac.”

“I heard all the stories already and just so you know I never listen to gossip and wait to draw my own conclusions.”

“Well, that is refreshing.”

“By the way if you don’t have any plans for later why don’t you come over for dinner.  My boyfriend is gone for the weekend and I will be all alone.”

“I would love to if you allow me to bring some wine over to go with dinner.”

“That would be great! why not come over around 7 or so.”

“Great that gives me  time to soak up some sun first.”

“See you later then.”  With that Sam left and I settled in for a nice nap in the sun.  I tuned out all the outside noise and relaxed.  Knowing full well that Sam and I, the divorced woman, would be the talk of the complex!

After showering and fixing my hair and makeup I put on a simple little sundress with some sandals.  It was then I realized I did not know which apartment Sam was in.  Shit!  No one to ask either.  I grabbed  2 bottles of wine and headed out the door hoping to see someone I could ask.  I walked down to the pool area and to my surprise there sat Sam.

“Realizing I forgot to give you my apartment number and my last name, I thought I would wait for you here.”

“Great idea, I was looking for someone to ask knowing full well they probably wouldn’t tell me anyway because I am the divorced woman.”

Following Sam to her apartment, I realized she was pretty close to my own apartment.  I think this is going to be the start of a great friendship.  We had a light dinner and I opened up one of the bottles of wine to share with Sam.  The whole time I was there I kept having this feeling that I was being watched.

Make sure to come back on Sunday to read the conclusion of Are you being watched? Give them something to see!

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