It didn’t take much coaching or training to teach him how to drink up my juices and yummy pee. In fact, he was all too excited to try and by now, he’s trained perfectly. Now, his mouth immediately begins to water every time he sees me scantily clad in tight little outfits. He gets thirsty the second I grace him with my presence. I honestly just love seeing the look on his face when he watches me strip naked! He can look but not touch until I tell him too. I make sure that our dirty toilet play always starts off with a nice slow burn.

And once every shred of clothing is off, I always make him lay out on the living room floor flat on his back.

Then, I slowly saunter over in nothing but my high heels and hover over his face butt naked, giving him a little peek of my pretty little holes! Then, I pop a squat right over his wide open mouth. He always tells me that he just loves staring up at my tight pink fuck holes. He is obsessed with them so I continue to tease him until he begins to beg to play! When I feel like my juicy wet cunt is now ready to play, the real fun starts. I love teasing my neighbor by rubbing my clit right above his face– just inches away in fact. After that, I take a seat right on his open mouth! His bare face immediately gets buried and stuffed into my sopping wet cunt.

Then, I start to rock back and forth and bounce up and down, sliding my throbbing clit all over his tongue.

My pussy rides him until I cover his face in creamy juices and he’s out of breath. I love making him feel like he is drowning in my sweet wet pussy. After I decide that he’s had enough, my pussy wells up and I make him beg for the finale. With his muffled screams in my pussy, I tease him by letting out tiny spurts of hot piss on his tongue. When and only when I decide he deserves it, I release my golden shower of hot piss all over his face, mouth and chest! And as an added bonus, I love keeping some of my hot piss saved. That way I can squat over that rock hard cock and piss right on it. I love giving his hard cock a hot golden shower while I rub my throbbing, hard clit.

From time to time, our dirty toilet play time can get even dirtier!

My neighbor also loves to beg me for a nice fresh brown shower when he’s feeling like an extra dirty fuck. I like to oblige by taking a nice, low squat over his chest. Then I spread my porcelain, perky ass cheeks for him to see my pink asshole. Finally, I push out my steamy rosebud pudding all over his chest. Once I’m finished, I usually sit right on his open mouth and squirt my sweet pussy juices right down his throat, making him drink my sweet cunnie nectar and clean me up!

If you want to find out how I got here with my neighbor, check out part 1 first! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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