Whenever I’m feeling super fucking horny and wet, I fantasize about different hot older men licking and slurping on my dirty bald pussy.

And when I’m feeling extra, extra fucking horny, I crave dirty toilet play! My naughty mind can’t help wandering into the gutter. I always fantasize about the filthiest things while I play with my wet, bald pink pussy. I get so fucking turned on laying there in my silky panties. One of my favorite things to think about are all the hot older men that check me out all day. Imagining them all fucking me in different scenarios definitely sends shooting orgasms throughout my entire body. My bald pussy always squirts extra hard, especially when I think about fucking them during dirty toilet play. The dirtier the better, I always say. But nothing beats the real thing of course. I can play with my pussy all day long thinking about these nasty things! But of course, fantasies are much better when they are the real deal!

As my pretty little fingers went further, so did my fantasies!

I honestly fucking love plopping my dripping wet cunt on a hot older man’s face. I always make sure that they keep their mouth nice and wide open for my wet holes. Those mouths always know how to properly worship my sweet little holes– skilled tongues are my weakness! The feeling of an older man’s tongue deep inside of my juicy pussy is honestly the best in my opinion! I love riding their faces and making them use their tongue and mouth to masturbate my sweet pink cunt on. For example, my next-door neighbor loves when I drip my sweet cunnie juices down his throat during our dirty toilet play time! I just love to use his face and body as my personal human toilet slave sometimes.

If you want my honest opinion, I think that human toilets are the best way to get my pretty pink pussy off!

Because of this, I like to invite my next door neighbor over whenever his stupid wife is away. He comes at my every beck and call! I could pretty much snap my fingers and he would leave in the middle of dinner with the wife and brats if he had to for me. I love having him as my perfect little bitch boy. No one can resist my innocent baby blue eyes and sweet smirk. He really is such a complete fuck slave for pink cunnie like mine! And above all, he is obsessed with hot dirty toilet play just like me! I guess you could call that a win-win. Whenever he comes over, I love to first seduce him nice and slow. I am a dirty little tease after all! Besides, I love to watch him squirm. 

Turning him into my personal toilet toy was pretty damn easy too.

If you want to find out how I trained my neighbor, check out part 2! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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