Dirty accomplice, Aria brings home a delectable gift part two

Happy birthday baby.” I beamed proudly. The girl in my arms was finally stirring, and the look of hunger in your face made me grin. I was your dirty accomplice, but I’m also dressed in the sweet virginal underwear that gets your cock stirring every time. Added with the sweet young thing bound and gagged before you, it’s the best gift you’ve ever received.

The girl finally snapped to awareness and began struggling. I hold her tight and she thrashes, screaming against the duct tape, tears streaming down her cheeks. All of this just aroused you further. You undid the button and zipper of your jeans, pulling your fully erect cock out and began stroking slow. Precum was already oozing from the tip and I licked my lips in response. But I knew what you wanted.

So I ripped the tape off the girls mouth and you pounced. Her mouth parted wide to scream, but you shoved your cock in before she could make a sound. She tried to struggle, wiggle out of it, but I held a hand to each side of her face and forced her to bob on your cock.

Her tiny mouth couldn’t take much, but with how violently I was forcing her down, she began choking and gagging, spitting up slobber to coat the entire length of your cock. It was dripping off her chin, and added with the streams of tears and snot from her crying, her whole face was a mess.

That mess made it better for you.

You began thrusting into her mouth, fucking her cute little face as she cried and choked. You pulled out of her mouth and let her cough and catch her breath. But it wasn’t out of kindness, you were already kneeling down and ripping that adorable little pink skort of hers off.

Her little pink panties came next and you forced her skinny little legs apart. I had one arm rapped around her torso, holding her to me, but my other hand went down and started rubbing that beautiful bald pussy. She screamed, but you backhanded her across the face, and it transformed into a weak whimper.

You went back to holding her legs open and you finally tore your eyes away to look at me. “Thank you baby.” You whispered reverently and dove in for a kiss. You devoured my mouth, plunging your tongue past my lips and without missing a beat, you shoved your cock inside the girl’s sweet virgin pussy.

She cried, she begged, she whimpered about the pain. But you ignored her in favor of kissing me with heat and passion. I kept rubbing her tiny little nub of a clit and you were pounding her, fucking her just as hard as you fucked me the night before and I was still sore from it the next day.

In your excitement, you went deeper.

It didn’t matter if she had no more room for your cock, you were going to force her into taking you balls deep. So that’s when your kiss got more aggressive. You bit my lip hard enough to bleed and kept going. I stopped rubbing her clit and held her little ankles to take over spreading her legs, and your hands moved to wrap around her throat.

You ripped away from the kiss and focused on the girl, squeezing her throat until her little mouth was gaping like a fish out of water. You started hate fucking her, and that made it possible to dig deeper inside of her. I began encouraging you, begging you to stuff her little whore pussy.

Finally you reached your limit, and you buried yourself balls deep in the girl and dumped the contents of your balls inside her. You looked up at me, out of breath but a huge smile on your face.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Missed out on part one of my dirty accomplice blog? You can catch up right here! Or if you want to fully immerse into the unedited explicit fantasy, the audio is available here.




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