Dirty accomplice, Aria brings home a delectable gift part one

We’ve been dating for a while now. So I have a pretty good idea about your deep dark desires. You’ve had me act out some of them in the bedroom. You like it when I cry, scream, and beg you not to do things. You’ve had me pretend to be various characters, at a wide variety of ages. So for your birthday, I know exactly what to get you. Tonight I am your dirty accomplice, and we are going to have a blast.

Earlier today I was out on the prowl. I was scoping all the potential targets while they played on the swings in the park. I had a pretty good idea of your type. You liked the sweet, shy, good girl. The one too scared to fight back. So that’s what I looked for, and I found her.

So she was dressed in an adorable little skort set that girls her age wear and a purple shirt with a unicorn head on it. She had a deep golden skin tone, and straight black hair pulled back in a french braid. She was playing by herself, seemed a little lonely. So I swooped in for the kill so to speak.

I came up behind her on the swing and began pushing her. She was startled at first, but when she looked back at me she saw what I wanted her to see. It’s such an asset being so petite and having such a sweet looking face. I looked like a student walking home from school. I even had a backpack as a prop. So I gave her a reassuring smile and kept pushing her higher and higher on the swing.

Soon enough she began giggling with glee and begging me to go higher.

Once I knew I had her, I slowed with my pushes until the girl came to a stop. I walked around to face her and offered my hand for her to take. “Let me walk you home.” I said with a sweet smile. Our little bonding time worked, because she took my hand without hesitation.

We walked away from that park, leaving all the others behind oblivious to what I was about to do. I took the soaking rag I was keeping in my back pocket out and quickly held it over the girls’ mouth. We were far enough away from the park that no one noticed when she struggled in my arms.

She squealed and clawed at my wrist and arm for maybe a minute before she finally fell limp against me. So I scooped her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way to my car. I laid her in the back seat and sped home in a flash. I pulled her out from the backseat and carried her straight to our room.

While she remained unconscious, I took the liberty to duct taping her hands together and putting a piece over her mouth. I stripped down to my cute little bra and panty set that you got me a few months back. White cotton panties, and a virginal white lacy bra. I came up behind her, propping her to sit up and I sit behind her. She sits between my legs, and I’m stroking her hair when you walk in.

The look in your eyes made all my efforts worth it.

Enjoying part one of my Dirty Accomplice blog? Catch part two on Sunday! Or if you want to fully immerse yourself in the fantasy, the audio is available for purchase here.




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