Dinner with the Devil: Lucifer Welcomes Me to Hell Part Two

I was viewing the devil’s spiked penis as I sit on the dinner table in Hell. I feel the heat of the place starting to get to me as I face this, dare I say it, devilish penis. He licks his lips with his serpent tongue and then he plunges his spiked cock inside of me ripping my pussy apart. Blood trickles from my wet pussy.

It hurts terribly but it is also the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life well afterlife.

He continues to fuck my bloody wet pussy harder and harder as I gasp for breath as he is still choking me. He then stops fucking me and let’s go of my throat. Puts his head between my legs and uses his serpent tongue to lap up the blood. He moans with delight. He then flips me over and presses my face against the table.

He spits his bloody saliva onto my anus and then through the corner of my eye I see his long tail come around. It caresses my ass and then enters my ass hole nice and slow. I cringe in pain but he doesn’t stop. He continues to whirl his tail within me. He then uses his spiked cock to enter my pussy again.

Double penetration by the same creature!

This is new. He continues to press my face against the table while starting to pull my hair. I thought Hell was supposed to be a punishment and I am quite enjoying myself. It is painful but so fucking hot. Literally and metaphorically. Sweat is dripping from my forehead and blood is dripping from my pussy and anus. My hair is getting pulled and my face is beginning to hurt.

Yet, I can’t help but feel the pleasure mounting within me.

I begin to get in rhythm with the tail and the dick. Then, I start moaning and the devil just pounds harder inside of me. I finally cannot stand it anymore and explode with pleasure. Moaning so loud that all the demons around us turn our way. The devil growls and I feel a burning within my pussy. I can only assume that he has just cum within me.

He slowly exits my ass and my pussy.

He then pulls my hair and leads me to his spiked dick. I put it in my mouth and taste myself and the blood from my pussy as well as the blood from my mouth. Trying my best to suck the devil’s spiked cock, but it is so difficult. I then concentrate on the tip where there are no spikes, and he growls again. He then opens his mouth and fire leaves it. I then feel a liquid enter my mouth that burns. So, this is what the devil’s spunk tastes like. I would describe it as a liquid ghost pepper. My eyes begin to water as I gulp down the liquid.

He allows me to stand, and I wipe my mouth clean.

The demons gather around us and begin to lead me away. They lock me away until the devil decides to use and abuse me again.

Want to know how I got to the devil fucking me? Check out Dinner with the Devil: Lucifer Welcomes me to Hell Part One. Hear all the screams and moans by purchasing my audio here.

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