Dinner with the Devil: Lucifer Welcomes Me to Hell Part One

I find myself at the gates of hell. Who are we kidding, of course I end up here. I enter into the fiery inferno to meet the one and only Devil himself, Lucifer. He is a daunting, statuesque brunette. A masculine creature with a chiseled chin that goes on for days. Lucifer grabs my hand and leads me to a table. It appears I will be having dinner with the devil.

The table is set with a blood red tablecloth with bright burning candles.

He tucks me into my seat and sits across from me. No words have been spoken. A demon, or what I assume is a subservient demon, brings us a tray with a lid. The demon lifts the lid to reveal chocolate covered strawberries. Lucifer motions for me to grab one. I select one, place it to my lips and taste the bitter dark chocolate and then a flash of the sweet strawberry.

I see a flash of fire in the devil’s eyes and wonder what will happen next.

He speaks for the first time. “Get undressed,” he says in a deep commanding voice. I clearly do as I am told. Noticing I am in a black satin dress I begin to remove it to expose a blood red bra and matching lace panties. He motions for me to stop and calls the demon to us again.

The demon then places a chalice of hot fudge on the table and walks away. The devil begins to get undressed showing his immaculate, muscular chest with absolutely no hair to speak of. He pours the boiling hot chocolate onto his chest and gestures for me to come toward him. He firmly guides my face to the chocolate on his chest.

I assume I am to lick it off.

I use my tongue to lick the delicious chocolate off the devil’s chest. He moans with delight. I start sucking his nipples for good measure. I slowly move to his nether region, but he stops me. He shoves everything off the table, picks me up onto the table. He kisses me deeply with an indescribable passion. I can’t help but to close my eyes and give in to his passion. He bites my lip so hard that it causes me to bleed.

My eyes fly open to see him lick the blood away and witness the fire in his eyes once more.

His lips fall onto mine again and he lets out a guttural moan. He rips off my panties and begins to transform into something I am not quite sure of. Giant horns grow out of his head. A long red tail bursts out of the back of his pants. His tongue that once seemed human appears to be serpent-like. My body begins to quake.

The devil’s serpent-like tongue begins to graze my belly and continues to go lower and lower until it reaches my pussy.

I am wet with anticipation. His long serpent tongue flicks my clit greedily and I moan with pleasure. His hand reaches up to my throat and grasps it tightly. I can hardly breathe, let alone moan as he laps between my thighs.

He releases me and takes his pants off.

He reveals his cock or what I believe is his cock. It is red and black with a hell of a thickness and length. I’ve never seen anything like it. I gasp as I notice that it has spikes on it. He grins at the sound of my gasp. I’m shaken to my core. I am so afraid of the devil’s cock penetrating me, but suspect that it’s the inevitable next step.

Check out my last blog about banging the barista. Come back on Sunday to find out what Lucifer does to me next. If you want to hear all the hellish details than buy my audio.

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