Dick Sucking Instructions For Sissy Boys 

Well then, it is time for part two of my dick sucking instructions blog. I see you made it back for the rest of your lesson. I just love it when you listen to me, it makes my pussy so happy. While we are discussing making me happy tell me did you go get that audio as I said? If not it isn’t to late. What about my cuck blog did you enjoy that? If you did why don’t you give me a call and tell me so, that or comment on it, Now that, we have the formalities out of the way it is time to resume our soul snatching lessons. Are you ready? Is the toy in your hand, are you good and comfortable? Perfect! I need you to start at the beginning and get it good and ready as I instructed in part one.

Firstly, let us discuss the balls! Now that his dick is good and ready and the tip is wet I want you to lick all the way back down. Simultaneously, taking your thumb and pointer finger and rubbing the tip. From the vein to the little cum hole in small circles spreading your spit all over. When you get down to the base of his shaft turn your head to the right and look into his eyes as your mouth slides down. Taking his right ball into your mouth gently move your tongue around like you are french kissing it and hum a moan lightly causing vibration in his balls. This is called a hum job and I promise he will enjoy it. 

Move over to the left ball and repeat the action. Now time to move back up to the head of that dick.

Surely, as a man, you understand the importance of hand placement during a great blow job so this next step is important. As you lick your way back up make sure those to fingers work their way down the shaft. Using your thumb to slide down that all-important vein. Great job so far you are taking these dick sucking instructions on like a pro! Now, I want you to look up like you are peering into his eyes while taking a deep breath. Open your mouth and go as deep as you can, while holding your breath. It is important to hold it, that helps with your gag reflex. As you come back up press your tongue down and glide it up his dick to the tip. This is also your time to exhale and inhale again. 

Once you get down those movements and breathing I like to add a head twist on my way up so that I am turning my head right where the shaft meets the head. That vein in that spot tends to be the most sensitive. Every single man is different and some like you to jack their dick while you are giving them head and others just want straight deep throat action, It is important to do a little of both. Feel how the dick responds in your mouth. Active listening with your mouth is the key to snatching souls and mastering these dick sucking instructions.

Keep going up and down as deep as you can. Slow on the up fast on the down.

Obviously, continuing to use your tongue to apply pressure as you do. If you have a long tongue like me you can even swirl it around the head as you get to the tip. I want you to practice going as deep as you can. Not only do I want to hear you gag on it so does he. Of course, do not gag on it until you feel like you are about to throw up. Just till the gag reflex forces that noise out. Makes him feel like a king like his dick is just too huge to handle. This is important! Being a good little cum slut means you need to stroke his ego as much as you stroke his dick. 

The secret to active listening while dick sucking is paying attention to the throbs and the expansion of his dick. 

There are other little tells like this thigh muscles will get tight and taunt, if you can see his feet you know you are hitting the spot when they point like a ballerina. In fact, no matter how deep you go, how long you go for you will never be great if you do not pay attention to those signs. Once you see those signs note are you going fast or slow, was your hand involved, and is a certain spot more sensitive than others. This will be used when you want him to cum in your mouth as opposed to that tight little ass of yours. 

If you want to be a good little cum guzzling whore then here we are at the finishing part of these dick sucking instructions. It is time to snatch his whole soul. To put it another way, make him have multiple orgasms. Not possible you may think, but ahh my sissy slut you are wrong. Whatever you do, I need you to not stop the movement that made him cum while he is shooting that hot load down your throat. Once the load has finished come to a halt right under the head. 

Pay attention to the throb. 

Every time it pulsates move your cum filled mouth down on the dick, in response. Coming back up to that same spot and waiting. He may jerk a bit, but to emphasize, do not stop! This can last anywhere from 45 seconds to minutes if you do it right. Each throb is a mini orgasm. There will probably not be cum involved, but if you want to get laid after you swallowed Hunny this will get you there. 


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