Dick Sucking Instructions For Sissy Boys


Let’s be very honest and real here if you’re going to be any good at being a sissy you need to learn how to deep throat a giant shaft. What is the point of wanting a big fat dick if you don’t know what to do with it?  By the time you are done reading this dick sucking instructions blog, I will have you ready to snatch that man’s soul right through his head. I love taking a massive dick all the way into my mouth and seeing his reaction. It makes me so wet to feel that shit throb in the back of my throat as his thigh muscles tighten up. So today you are going to learn how to do the same. 


First, we need something you can practice with. Do you have a toy we can use for this? If you don’t do not stress there is plenty we can use around the house. For instance, from the kitchen cucumber, pickle, banana in the peel. If your kitchen is not stocked, head to your bathroom a hairbrush handle, or a full toothpaste tube can also work. In the worst-case scenario take your fingers your 3 fingers from pointer to ring and use those. In all honesty, if you are going to get to be great at this you will eventually need to invest in a nice little dildo though. I will have some in my store you can grab. Trust me if you are going to be a good sissy you better learn to be great. Reading these dick sucking instructions are only going to get you so far, practice makes perfect. 

Now that you have your pretend cock with you are you ready to learn how to snatch that soul?

Even though, this is not a real dick in your mouth I need you to imagine it is. Put the same amount of effort into it. So I need you to go find a good comfortable spot so we can prepare. Now that, you are comfortable let’s begin our dick sucking lessons. To begin with, I want you to start at the base. Open your mouth just slightly like you are about to tongue kiss, someone. Let the warmth of your breath wrap around the bottom of your makeshift shaft.

Now, take your tongue and press it with the same force you would lick an ice cream cone. Going all the way to the tip of the dick.

Parting your lips just a bit more I want you to take in just the head while using your tongue to go right around the bottom of the head. Make sure that you hit that vein that front of the dick. If this was a real dick at this point you would feel it start to jump and thicken in anticipation. Your mouth will start watering make sure you do not get sloppy and swallow that spit in your mouth. You do not want to give sloppy head. 

If you are enjoying these dick sucking lessons and do not want to wait until part 2 to continue then go grab the audio. If that is not enough incentive, know that I will be sucking along with you. There are quite a few other blogs you may enjoy my cuck blog.

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