Diary of a Stuffie – Part 2

Welcome back to my Diary of a Stuffie blog. If you haven’t read part 1, you’ll want to do that.

Her nipples felt neat! At first, they were soft and flicked a little under my paws. But soon they were hard little stones and I liked how they felt under my paws. She had never held me like this before. This was totally new and I wasn’t going to say anything. All the others were watching me. Their little glassy eyes stared at us dancing around the room while she had me stroke her breasts with my fuzzy paws. She went to her bed and lay down with me on top of her tummy. Then, she sat me up and tickled my belly with her middle finger. I felt very special.

Suddenly, she kissed my nose and moved me down her belly, and put me so I was sitting between her legs. It was nice and warm down there and I nestled into place. She touched herself inches from my face and I watched her fingers caressing and stroking at her little slit. She moaned and ran her hand up and down on it. I watched to see what would happen if she did that for too long. I was kind of afraid too. Was something going to jump at me in the dark? Bunnies (especially stuffies) are not well known for great acts of bravery but I stood my ground, well sat at it anyway. She moved her hand so I could see she was pink and wet there and her middle finger dug into the folds and she wiggled and made a low sound. 

As a stuffie, I had never seen this before. 

Then she moved her hands around my back and I felt her warm stroking fingers on the back of my neck and ears. I fell forward and she held me against her wetness and pressed my face on her there. I was moving up and down and my belly fur was getting soggy. I rubbed over her with my belly back and forth and up and down for a long time and she like it a lot. She moaned and told me how good it felt to have me on her skin and her pussy. Oh, so that was what it was, a pussy. I looked over across the room and saw the stuffed cat that hated me. How could one pussy be nice and wet and smelly wonderful, while the other was a hardened criminal was beyond me.

By now her thighs were sticky and wet and I was having trouble with my fur matting up but she didn’t seem to care at all. She was lost in her own pleasures, which I was giving to her. She stopped moving me around on her there between her legs and took my paw and started rubbing herself with it. I let her move it for me until I knew how to do it myself. Next time she wouldn’t have to show me at all. Soon she pushed my paw a little bit inside of her pussy and she cried out. I wanted to stop and ask her if I was hurting her. Then she pushed me farther in up to my shoulder in fact. She was so wet and warm inside and I lifted my paw up and rubbed her inside. 

‘Fuck me you lovely little stuffie bunny…mmmm.’ She mumbled.

I did as she asked. This fucking business was nice and I loved that I was giving her something new and I did love her so. Soon she let out a series of loud cries and panted slowly and moved me up to her chest and smiled at me in the darkness. She tickled my belly again and said thank you. 

Till next time.

Gizmo the bunny.


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