Demon Sex – Witch Gives Up Her Body For Power Part 2

Dragging my eyes away from his massive fucking cock, I take a deep breath and gaze into his eyes. I am ready to take control of my demon and make my demands. Before my mouth can open to make a single order, I feel my body rooted to the spot. I realize, to my horror, the demon has taken control of me and I’m powerless to stop him.

Laughing, he strides out of my pentacle, my strongest spell, like it isn’t even there. Frozen where I stand, he walks around me as if appraising an exotic piece of merchandise while he slowly strokes his cock.

With a snap of his fingers, I stand before him completely naked. My nipples grow even harder at the chill night air against my skin. The demon walks closer to me and I can feel the heat radiating off of him in waves that leave me breathless. He reaches out a taloned hand and drags a sharp nail across my erect nipples.

I try to take a breath, but the fierce heat is suffocating.

His nails trail down my soft belly and stop between my legs. There his hand lingers for a few moments with his power making my pussy hum. It’s when he lifts up his hand that I notice to my astonishment that his fingers are coated with my juices. They glisten off the firelight as my heart races.

“Your spell, like you, is weak.” The demon said with amusement in his voice. “But never you mind. Tell me, why have you brought me here mortal?”

With his question, his power relents so that I can breathe and move freely. Slowly, I work my jaw while I try to keep my legs steady. This is not the direction I foresaw my plan going in at all.

I take a steadying breath before I respond. “I summoned you here to gain you as my familiar. You are here to fulfill my wishes and grant me limitless power.”

The demon scoffs and smirks at me. “Is that so?” His voice is taunting and that provokes my anger. “I might consider it if there was something in it for me.”

No, I don’t even bother asking what he wants.

His desires have already been made perfectly clear. He wanted to have demon sex. Instead, I respond thus, “I will give you my body if you will grant me the power that I seek.”

Because I was so focused on the sensation of his magic I didn’t notice he had a tail until he uses it to wrap around my waist. Before I can blink I find myself lying on the ground with the demon towering over me. His cock looks even bigger from my new perspective and I have no other choice than to submit if he is to share his power with me.

Despite my reluctance to allow him entrance inside of me, my pussy clenches with the anticipation. I wouldn’t admit it to him, nor to myself for that matter, that I wanted him. Yes, I wanted this powerful demon from hell to fuck me into oblivion.


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