Demon Sex – Witch Gives Up Her Body For Power Part 1

Witches gain their power by having demon sex. More specifically, by fucking a very powerful demon. This is a Halloween black magic fantasy I have.

When I think of a fantasy witch, I think of a sexy seductress. A temptress that lures out a man’s deepest, most forbidden fantasies and exploits them. She would tease and taunt him with those fantasies until he couldn’t take it any longer. I think of a woman who uses her powers to fulfill her own wants no matter what the cost to her or others.

This is an evil, demented fantasy that pushes one’s limits to breaking point and maybe beyond. Boundaries are something I do not understand let alone possess so continue at your own discretion.

It’s a very dark night and the air around me is still.

There is no full moon. In fact, the moon is nowhere in sight and the only light that penetrates the darkness is the stars. Even they seem lifeless and untwinkling. The scene is picturesque and very much like something out of a movie. But, this isn’t a movie and you’ll soon see just how real it is.

I’m standing here dressed in a black cloak that shrouds my face in shadow. Black boots adorn my feet as I stand in the middle of a deserted field. I purposefully walk toward a copse of trees to a perfectly circular clearing. It is here that I cast a pentagram on the ground. Then, I walk around placing black candles coated in my essence in a circle making sure that each point of the star has its’ own candle.

This magic ritual is something I have been planning for months and everything must be perfect. Everything from the timing to the words. Carefully, I chant while I glide counter-clockwise around my 5-pointed star, beginning the incantation.

I can feel the energy pulse al throughout my entire body like a heartbeat of its’ own as I chant.

As I continue the incantation, I can feel my pussy pulse in harmony with the drum of power. My nipples harden at the tingle that starts to envelope all my senses. I can almost smell how moist I’ve become at the physical sensation of this magic. I desire this power like most women crave sex.

The pitch of my voice reaches a base and what I could only feel I can now see. Lines of electricity spark in the center of my trap and shake the ground. That is a much more satisfying feeling than the most expensive vibrator. It means my demon is coming.

As the energy builds, a form starts to take shape in swirls of smoke. On their own, my candles all go out without so much as a gust of wind. For a second my world plunges into total darkness, but I continue my evocation without pause.

There is suddenly light as a fire erupts around the magic circle of candles in front of me. This display of infinite energy is almost enough to make me cum. And soon, this power will be all mine. The demon is trapped with nowhere to go.

Slowly, his magic form starts to solidify into a towering figure with large horns atop his head. He is almost double my height (a mere 5 3”) and completely naked. As my eyes drink him in, I notice his cock is throbbing hard at the thrill of being summoned to the human world.


To Be Continued…


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